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The Effects of Geoengineering

Mitigation to Adaptation to control?

Joseph Hobbs

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of The Effects of Geoengineering

The Effects of Geoengineering
Geoengineering has been defined as the “deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system, in order to moderate global warming”
(Royal Society, 2009)
Main Groups of Geoengineering Technologies:
The 2 Main problems with Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere
That we continue emitting Carbon Dioxide through the dependence of fossil fuels
Dealing and managing with the contemporary levels within the Atmosphere
There are Currently 3 Methods of Solving this Issue:
As Climate Change becomes worse, the more drastic and holistic our approach towards nature will become.
The Moral Hazard of Non-Mitigation Techniques
What is Geoengineering?
Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
Afforestation and GMO Trees
Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)
Iron Fertilization of the Ocean
Liming the Ocean
Solar Radiation Management (SRM)
Tropospheric Cloud Whitening
Stratospheric Sulfur Aerosol Injection
Deforestation in Higher Altitudes
Roof Whitening
Desert Whitening
Space Mirrors
Dispersing Light Lens
Moon Dust
Weaponization leading to international crisis'
Effectiveness unknown
Side effects unknown
Could affect food production
Human Health Impacts
Could cool the climate
Increase Ice cap size
Slow sea level rise
Most technologies are inexpensive
CDR technologies are typically perceived to superior to SRM technologies.

This is because SRM deals with the symptoms of Climate Change, and CDR manages (or rather, cleans up) the CO2 within the atmosphere already
Removes Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere
Seen as more natural than SRM technologies
Unknown effects on marine life
Takes longer to implement
Unknown Effects
On the ocean food system
Ocean acidification would not be slowed down
Who gets control of the world's thermostat?

Cloud Whitening was weaponized in the 1960s during the Vietnam War with "Project Popeye" therefore causing attention from the United Nations on Geoengineering
The fear that the public will see this as the alternative to mitigation, rather than a method that should be used with Mitigation techniques.

Will this spur an economic demand for geoengineering and maintain the business-as-usual model?
Example of the Moral Hazard as it applies to Adaptation
Between the two components of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and Solar Radiation Management (SRM), which do you prefer?
Control of Control
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