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Dangerous Energy

Our Change Project topic on improper battery disposal and battery pollution.

Vincent Yeh

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Dangerous Energy

Battery Pollution
Vincent Yeh Brian Larson Andrew Le With: It's bad for us Batteries contain heavy metals
such as mercury, nickel, lead, and
cadmium which can be very
toxic. What we did to help: Our Service: We created kiosks at Logitech
which contained information
about the dangers of batteries
as well as baggies to bring back
batteries with. How big of a change we made: In the end, we collected a whopping
375 pounds of batteries in just one
month! Now, Logitech is making this
battery recycling project continuous! We hope you will help
recycle batteries as well! What we learned: We learned that working with a large
company/group of people could be a
very unique and positive experience. We also learned many things about
batteries, the environment, and how
they are related to each other.
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