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reading picnic

library psa for summer reading

Paula Bonadies

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of reading picnic

Double click anywhere & add an idea Alvin Ho: Allergic to girls, school, and other Scary Things. Lenore Look, Random House, 2008. Alvin Ho, second grader, has a big problem—he can’t talk, at least he can’t talk at school. There are so many scary things at school that he simply can’t make a word come out. He desperately wants to make friends and fit in if he can ever overcome his fears. I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean.
Kevin Sherry, Dial, 2007 A giant squid swims through the ocean bragging that he is the biggest
thing in the ocean until he is swallowed by a whale. He finds the other
creatures inside the whale, but then claims he is the
biggest thing inside the whale. Blown Away. Joan Hiatt Harlow,
Simon & Schuster, 2007 During the late summer of 1935 in Key West thirteen year old Jake’s quiet life
changes as he befriends a new girl in town and begins helping an eccentric fisherman
who has a troublemaking dog and mule. An unpredictable hurricane sets a chain of
events that has Jake fighting for his life and family in this fast paced adventure. Chicken Feathers. Joy Cowley, Philomel, 2008 The only unusual thing about nine year old Josh’s quiet life on his farm
is his extraordinary talking pet chicken, Semolina. Unfortunately she only
talks to Josh, but is a comfort to him while his mother is in the hospital.
When an egg stealing fox threatens Semolina’s life, Josh has to find a way
to save her before it is too late. Dog and Bear: Two Friends-Three Stories. Laura Vaccaro Seeger,
Roaring Brook Press, 2007 While Dog is loud, frisky and brave, colorful stuffed animal Bear, is shy and their adventures show why it’s always grand to have a best friend by your side. Duck! Rabbit! Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Chronicle, 2009. Is it a duck or is it a rabbit? Two characters who are missing are discussing whether or not the creature in the book is a rabbit or a duck. Both characters make strong arguments for what they see. What do you see? The Gollywhopper Games. Jody Feldman, Greenwillow, 2008 Gil Goodson, age 12, is thrilled to be one of the finalists in the Gollywhopper Games. Sponsored by the Golly Toy and Game Company to celebrate their 50th anniversary, the games promise a wealth of prizes, but more important to Gil is a chance to finally clear his father’s name from false accusations of embezzlement in the company. Inside the fantastic Golly headquarters, the contestants (some less honest than others) face a series of challenges and puzzles, all played out on live television. Katie Loves the Kittens. John Himmelman, Holt, 2008 In this wonderfully appealing story, our heroine, an energetic and boisterous little dog named Katie is thrilled by the arrival of three tiny kittens. She longs to play with them and become their friend, but her loud and bouncy ways terrify the kittens. Follow her as she learns to reign in her enthusiasm in order to win over new friends. Readers will find themselves pulling for Katie to keep herself under control. Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach. Carmen Agra Deedy, Peachtree, 2008 Based on a Cuban folktale, Martina is a beautiful cockroach who doesn’t know a thing about love and marriage. Her Cuban grandmother suggests that she spill coffee on the shoes of each suitor to see how each reacts. Skeptical at first, Martina tries the test and wonders if she will ever find a suitable mate.
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