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Literature of the Revolutionary Era

Intro to this period in American Literature

Rick Prouty

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Literature of the Revolutionary Era

The Age of Reason Literature of the Revolutionary Period Topics Genres Authors Content and Style Themes The evolution of belief Deism slavery Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson Thomas Paine John Adams Patrick Henry Phyllis Wheatley liberty for all types of government system of law reason individual freedom national freedom taxes Oral Written ballads skits speeches songs pamphlets broadsides essays poems editorials letters aphorisms not sophisticated in style not professionals members of all social classes rich poor Disclaimer Opinions expressed in this presentation are not necessarily those of the course instructor. The quotations, however, are highly insightful various jobs and skills lawyers printers inventors desired political independence the American dream moral struggle individualism freedom rebellion vs. conformity discussed issues of life and death message of freedom and liberty independent individuality logical coherent organized ADD
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