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Genesis Homiletics ~ Lesson 11


Mikie Bellis

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Genesis Homiletics ~ Lesson 11

Homiletics for Genesis Journey to JOY God calls Abram to a continual life of faith. Aim CATLT God writes the legacies of those He calls into a life of faith. Content - Div I 1. Gen 11:26–28Abe’s father, Terah, loses son Haran = Lot’s father, in Ur
2. Gen 11:29–30 Abe married Sarai = barren; Nahor marries Haran’s daughter Milcah
3. Acts 7:2–3 Abe called by God of glory to lv country/ppl & go to land God shows him
4. Gen 11:31–32Abe, Terah, Lot, Sarai lv Ur to go to Canaan; stop in Haran, Terah dies
5. Acts 7:4 Abe lvs Haran for PL after Terah dies
6. Acts 7:4–5Abe recs God’s promises: descendants inherit PL tho had no children yet

Division I Sentence: Abram obeys God’s call, goes to Canaan, and receives God’s inheritance promise.
Subject Sentence Application 1. How do you respond to God’s commands?
2. In which area of your life could you “tweak” your obedience to God’s will for your life?
3. How can you prepare yourself for faith-testing challenges?
4. Which parts are of your life are you living by faith and which parts are you living by yourself?
5. What do you want your legacy to be?
6. What can you do today to affect the legacy of faith you leave? Content - Div II 7. Heb 11:8–10 Abe went to place of inheritance by faith, w/o know’g where going, lived as foreigner in tents, looking forward to heaven
8. Heb 11:11–12 Abe considered God faithful to provide promised descendants thru barren Sarai = numerous descendants
9. Heb 11:13–16 Abe & OT ppl bel’d by faith, tho did not rec’d what was promisedlived longing for heavenly country
10. Heb 11:17–19Abe, by faith, offered Isaac as sacrifice, bel’g God could raise fr/ dead

Division II Sentence: Abram lives by faith in God, though homeless, childless, and tested. Content - Div III 11. Acts 7:6–8 Abe recs prophecy of ppl’s 400 yr enslavement & cov & circumcision
12. Rom 4:13-17 Abe & offspg rec’d promise thru R by grace thru faith, not law
13. Rom 18-25 Abe bel’d, fully persuaded God was able to produce descendants tho ‘gd as dead’ = credited to him as R
14. Gal 3:6–9 Abe’s children are those who, by faith, bel in God, even Gentiles (all nations blessed thru Abe)
15. Gal 3:16 Abe’s promises fr/ God spoken to his seed = JC
16. Gal 3:29 Abe’s seed = those who belong to JC = heirs according to promise

Division III Sentence: Abram is the father of faith & all who believe in Jesus Christ are his children.
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