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Digital Citizenship: Private Today, Public Tomorrow

No description

J. Bowman

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship: Private Today, Public Tomorrow

Discussion Time!
Private Today, Public Tomorrow
Meet Chelsea Chaney
Things I am looking for in your Decision Tree:
After the Article
Was the school district justified in taking and using Chaney's photo without her permission?

How would the situation be different if the context of the photo was taken into account? Instead of captioning it "
Once it's there- it's there to stay
" for an online safety seminar, the caption of the photo was "
Family vacation trip?
Dig Deeper!
Turn and Talk!
What if Chelsea's friend Alex posted the picture on his Facebook without her knowing it and used a different comment? Does the fact that Alex posted it change the situation? Why or Why not?

Does Alex have a responsibility to ask Chelsea before he posts (and tags) a photo of her? Do other people who find her photo? Why or why not?
Creating Your
Decision Tree
In the same group, you will create a Decision Tree based on the brainstorm questions shared. Your tree should look like a flow chart of decisions on one sheet.

You may use Microsoft Office to create your Tree.
Chelsea Chaney Article
"Private Today" handout
Mastery Objective
Students will be able to reflect on their responsibility to protect the privacy of others when posting information online by collaborating ideas to create a Decision Tree.
Wednesday July 31, 2013
1. Warm-Up Discussion.
2. Chelsea Chaney video and article.
3. Collaborative Brainstorm
4. Group Decision Tree
"A picture is worth a thousand words."

What do you think this statement means? How does it apply to the world (both real and digital) today?
Groups of 3-4
Brainstorm a list of questions you should ask yourself before posting anything about a person. Write your questions on the back of your worksheet.
Record all answers in your student blog!
How can people's reputations be affected by what is posted about them online? What impact could this have on their future?
A creative title for your Decision Tree
Seven yes/no questions.
Arrows connecting to the correct answers.
Explaination beside the wrong answer (why would it be wrong?)
A conclusive statement at the end of the questions.
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