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Advising Hall Council at NYU

On Campus Presentation

Skye Idehen

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Advising Hall Council at NYU

What is Hall Council?
Hall Council Philosophy
Advising v. Supervising
Hall Council Advising
Recruitment & Advertising
Executive Board Retreat
EB Planning v. "Themed" GA Programs

What is Hall Council?
Every residential student is represented by Hall Council and the Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRHC).
NEACURH (regional organization)
NACURH (national organization)
Improve quality of life
Bridge for residents and ORLHS
Voice for residents
Meaningful programming
Leadership opportunities
Start early!
Utilize the natural energy
Hall council information sessions
Benefits- Why?
External Collaboration
Resource Center Staff
Resident Assistants
Office Assistants
Promotional materials
Social media
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Bulletin boards
Door tags/handbills
Word of mouth
Housie Maguire (IRHC)
Planning & Programming
Hall Council Philosophy
Advising v. Supervising
Approach of Involvement
Expectations and Accountability
Assist with vision & goals
Support ideas
Challenge decisions
Executive Board Retreat
Icebreakers/Team Builders
Explain role of Hall Council
Review role & responsibilities
Internal Collaboration
Director of Communications-> Director of Events/Service
Set expectations and how to hold each other accountable?
What will our brand be? Goals for the year?
Plan creative hall council programs (outline)
Community Service
Community Engagement
Advising Hall Council at

RHAD Presentation
Skye Idehen
Use retreat wisely for programming timeline
Two programs/executive board meetings per month
Executive board meetings will be used to finalize upcoming programs
Programs will be creative, along with advertisements based on time of year and hall needs
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