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Task 2


Jacqueline Sarfati

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Task 2

Task 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning
What Do I Need to Do?
Infamous ...
and slightly confusing...
you will demonstrate how you SUPPORT & ENGAGE students in learning
what kind of LEARNING ENVIRONMENT do you want to develop in order to establish respect and rapport, and to support students’ engagement in learning?
what kinds of LEARNING TASKS actively engage students in the central focus of the learning segment?
how will you ELICIT and BUILD ON student responses in ways to develop and deepen content understanding?
in what ways will you CONNECT new content to your students’ prior academic learning and personal, cultural, or community assets during your instruction?
how will you use evidence from your instruction to EXAMINE and CHANGE your teaching practices to more effectively meet a variety of student learning needs?
What Do I Need to
learning environments...eliciting responses...changing my teaching!? OH MY...
bloom's taxonomy
building on responses
how else?
- obtain required permissions for video recording
- examine your lesson plans for the learning segment and identify challenging learning tasks in which you and students are actively engaged
- identify lessons to video record
- provide 1–2 video clips (totaling no more than 20 minutes in length) that demonstrate how you interact with students in a positive learning environment to develop their abilities to create and/or respond to visual art concepts incorporating:
form & structure - productions - art context - personal perspective
- determine whether you will feature the whole class or a targeted group of students within the class.
- (optional) provide evidence of students’ language use
-video record your classroom teaching
-select 1–2 video clips to submit
- continuous & unedited, with no interruption in events
- check video and sound quality (ensure you & your students can be seen and heard)
- do not include the name of the state, school or district in your video - use first names only
-respond to the commentary prompts (wait for it)...
-determine if additional information is needed to understand what you and the students are doing in the video
What Do I Need to Write..?
Your commentary should be no more than 6 single-spaced pages, including the prompts
1. which lesson or lessons are shown in the video clips?
* identify the lesson(s) by lesson plan number
2. promoting a positive learning environment
* in response to the prompt, identify scenes in the video clips where you provided a positive learning environment
how did you demonstrate mutual respect for, rapport with, and responsiveness to students with varied needs and backgrounds, and challenge students to engage in learning
3. engaging students in learning
* refer to examples from the video clips in your responses to the prompts.
explain how your instruction engaged students as they applied their knowledge and skills in creating and/or responding to visual art concepts incorporating form and structure , production, art context, and/or personal perspective
describe how your instruction linked students' prior academic learning and personal, cultural, and community assets with new learning
What Do I Need to Write..(cont) ?
4. deepening student learning during instruction
* refer to examples from video clips in your explanations
explain how you elicited student responses to promote thinking and develop knowledge and skills related to form and structure, a medium of production, art context, and/or personal perspective to create and/or respond to visual art
explain how in creating/responding to visual art you gave students the opportunity to practice or apply a personal perspective in ways that deepened their understanding of visual art concepts/contexts.
5. analyzing teaching
* refer to examples from video clips in your responses to the prompts
what changes would you make to your instruction - for the whole class and/or for students who need greater support or challenge - better support student learning of the central focus (e.g., missed opportunities)?
why do you think these changes would improve student learning? support your explanation with evidence of student learning and principles from theory and/or research.
* consider the variety of learners in your class who may require different strategies/support (students with IEP's, English language learners, struggling readers, underperforming students or those with gaps in academic knowledge, and/or gifted students.*
learning environment
engaging students in learning
deepening student learning
rubrics (cont)
subject-specific pedagogy
analyzing teaching effectiveness
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contact: 37607

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