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Nationalism Threatens Old Empires

No description

Alex Reinecke

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Nationalism Threatens Old Empires

Otto Von Bismarck
Camillo Cavour
Similarities and Differences
Francis Joseph
Emperor of Austria
King of Hungary
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs
Ferenc Deak
Created the
dual monarchy
system of the Austrian-Hungarian government
The Hapsburg Empire Declines
The hapsburgs presided over a multi-national empire
Change in Austria
Industrial change in Austria
Nationalist Revolts
Francis Joseph becomes king
France and Sardinia crush Austria
Hungarians press for change
Dual Monarchy becomes new government
Of the 50 million people that resided within Austria, fewer than 10 million were german speaking austrians. 25 million belonged to the slavic group such as Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians, Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. 10 million were Hungarians and 5 million were Italians.
Describe how nationalism contributed to the decline of the Ottoman and Hapsburg Empires
Understand dual monarchy
Illustrate the geography of the Balkans
What happens when people that are associated with different groups and have different ideals get together and start talking politics, religion, etc.? Discuss in your group. Go!
Industrial Change
Austria couldn't hold back the changes that the industrial revolution in Britain brought about. Austria began having the same problems (enclosures, labor laws, tenements, dirty cities, etc.) that the British had.
Nationalist Revolts
Violent revolts broke out in 1848, but the government crushed them and did not listen to their demands.
During the revolts, Francis Joseph inherited the Hapsburg throne at age 18
He would rule until the Austro-Hungarian empire began to fade away at the beginning of World War I
Please look at pg. 343 in your book and fill out the timeline of events that happened in Austria. Go!
From the above information, draw a bar graph to represent each ethnicity's population in Austria.
Ottoman Empire
The ottoman empire had much the same problem the Austrian empire had.
The Ottomans ruled over a multi-national country just like the Hapsburgs
Serbia won its independence in 1830 and southern Greece in the 1830's. This led to unrest in the Balkan states.
Ottoman empire was also home to other groups such as Bulgarians and Romanians
Several revolts were led in order to gain independent states for each different ethnicity.
Ottoman's were viewed as weak, "sick man of Europe". Many European countries came and tried to divide up the Ottoman Empire between them.
Please take out your textbook and read pg. 346 on the Ottoman Empire. Using this page, fill out the Frayer model worksheet. Please put 3 negative characteristics and 2 positive characteristics of the Ottoman empire, 1 important person associated with the Balkan's, and each ethnicity listed that was part of the Ottoman empire.
This region became known as the
"Balkan powder keg."

Francis Joseph was not only the Emperor of Austria, but the King of Hungary as well. This was called the Dual Monarchy system. The two countries of Austria and Hungary shared the ministries of Finance, Defense, and Foreign affairs, but had separate ministries for everything else.
This created a huge problem in Austria, as each group was trying to integrate their ideals into the everyday social system.
Much fighting occurred because of this
The Austrian defeat by France and Sardinia made Francis Joseph implement limited reforms at home to strengthen his country. These included creating a constitution for the Austrian country to be governed by. A legislature was created but it was dominated by German speaking Austrians, which showed bias in political decisions.
The reforms created by the new constitution of the Austrian government did not satisfy the Hungarians. They would not be satisfied until they had complete and total self government
The Ottoman empire is now present day Turkey
Each ethnic group wanted their own land and government.
Ferdinand I and Francis Joseph ruled Austria by the ideal of "Rule and change nothing." This upset the people of the Hapsburg Empire greatly because their were many things they were not happy with.
Review: Who was Francis Joseph?What role did ethnicity play in the downfall of Austrian/Ottoman empires?What is a dual monarchy?
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