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Mega Quarry

No description

joshua cartmell

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Mega Quarry

Mega Quarry http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cgS0m2XtBbI#! What do these foods have in common? They are all made from potatoes. Imagine you are standing in a large pit. It is cold and all you can see for miles are rock walls 200 feet up and dump trucks scattered everywhere. Black clouds sit high in the sky and there is a terrible smell. There is a deafening noise of operating dump trucks and dynamite blowing up. This barron land used to be home for thousands of animals. It was known as the headwaters because of all of the watersheds and rivers that lead to Lake Ontario amd the St. Lawrence River. It also provided food - mainly potatos for the people who lived in the province. This is a threat to Ontarians and the animals that
have been living here forever. This is the Mega Quarry Environmental impacts Economical impacts Social impacts Highland Co. No analyses has been done on the impact
of the mega quarry i.e.(loss off +2300 of prime
agricultural land,loss of farming jobs, impact on tourism or food prices) Lots of money will be made. But will all of it go to us? And what is the true cost? What about our water?
Will we have enough of it
to continue living here? The township of melancthon and duffrin county that will directly beneft will get approxamitly $ 1 million
dollars each year because off various taxes and lisences What will become of the land after all of the limestone is mined? How do we know that we can trust these people and they won't just leave us to deal with a problem that they cause? What is the benifit? Potatoes are a big product in the Melancthon area.
Melancthon ships their potatos all over the province, ecpecially to Orangeville and Toronto That makes potatos THIS important to them. 2006. A representative of the Highland Company was pressuring farmers to sell their land. In the fall of 2009, it was revealed that this company is backed by an American hedge fund, and bought 7000 acres of land. Locals became suspicous of the suspicious activity and founded NDACT. NDACT is short for North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce In March 2011, the Highland company submitted a 3000 page application for the Mega Quarry. The company plans on extracting enough gravel to pave a 2-lane highway around the world with an extra 15000 to have around. This pit is going to be 60 feet deeper than Niagra Falls, 237 feet total The Highland Company will have to pump
enough water to fill 240 Olympic sized pools Thing is, they don't plan to pump that amount for a few years. They plan on doing it for all eternity. These actions of disrupting, redirecting, holding, pumping, and reinserting the water will be devastating to our environment. The two main watersheds of the Nattawasaga and Grand along with their tributaries could be seriously affected. From Lake Erie to Lake Huron, over million people's drinking water will be at risk 1000000 This is why so many conservation authorities are fighting over the situation The water redirection will also cause massive habitat destruction. The Bobolink will become an endangered species as it heavily relies on its habitat for survival. Melancthon has a special soil too,
called the Honeywood hilt loam. It is class 1 soil, the best in Ontario. Only 1% of soil in all of Canada is class 1 soil 95% of the Mega Quarry will be on this soil Why potatoes? Potatoes are the 4th most commonly grown crop in the world Top Crop Standings
1. Rice
2. Wheat
3. Corn
4. Potato The potato has been grown in space they will only blast twice a day
between 10 am and 4 pm they will
not work on sundays or holidays Evan was here! they will work 24 hours
a day China and India are the world's largest producers of potatoes, but they overuse pesticides Potatoes can be grown in space. 150 trucks will enter and exit the site every hour. But the profits aren't for us. It has been said that the gravel isn't going to Toronto. It has been bought by China And it is being used to enlarge the Panama Canal. STOP
MEGA QUARRY Which is 15% total of the land's soil
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