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George Zacharia

About myself

George Zacharia

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of George Zacharia

George Zacharia X-C
Our Own English High school, Sharjah (Boys' Branch) Voluntary, Community, Services Who Am I? Hobbies Talent My school Our Own English High School, Sharjah (Boys' Branch) Provided me with opportunities to showcase my talents and improve my skills A constant source of support and encouragement! :D My family My parents are my role models They help me to correct my mistakes and also encourage me in all my activities. I am an Indian a wonderful land of unity and diversity United Arab Emirates my home a place where ideas from the world come together a place where culture joins with technology to create the future I love the rulers, the environment, the culture, the buildings, etc It has provided me a lot of opportunities to develop my skills :D Expo 2020 Dubai Bid youth ambassador was selected by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister and vice president of the UAE and the the ruler of Dubai winner in the youth category of the
"Be Part Of It" competition to select the expo 2020 bid ambassadors My Goal To become an Indian Administrative Service Officer Art Methods Outcomes Attending Classes, Workshops and Art Projects Studied art at school and also at Kairali Kala Kendram Attended Art workshop in school Participated in art projects like tile painting, board works, etc Experimenting with different forms of Art Dubai Expo 2020 Be part of it winner Indian association painting competition conzolation prize winner Inter House Painting Competition (2nd), TKMCE Talent Fest Painting Competition (2nd Prize), etc Youth Art Competition Artwork exhibited at an exhibition Artwork featured in official Yahsat 2013 calendar Winner of Big Idea Wizkid Award 2012 (Art) Artwork compiled into a book and also exhibited at various venue in the UAE Participation in the tile mural project regarding environment as part of the Green Abu Dhabi 2010 Keyboard Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
~Berthold Auerbach (poet and authour) Animation and Web-Designing Created many animated movies, etc on various themes and for events like talent day, exhibition, etc. Also, created websites, etc Won 3rd prize in movie making by Sharjah University and also participated in Abu Dhabi University Competition War Horse AV team member Was part of the AV team of "War Horse" -theatrical production, that was staged in Our Own Sharjah Boys' and also Dubai Modern High School Innovative Idea Competitions, Contests, etc Idea Outcomes Kids Club What is it? Participation of students were less in competitions in school So, George started a students group called "Kids Club" in 2006 along with the support of his class teacher, classmates and parents Conducted competitions in different fields during free periods. This helped students to develop their skills and talents Evolution of the Kids Club Speaking, Reading Painting, Crafts Quiz Writing stories, poems, etc Some types of the competitions:- Class
Magazine An annual magazine was released every year to highlight the activities conducted by Kids Club and also showcase various works and achievements by the students. This was circulated to parents, etc. Magazine started from 2008. Conducted every year during vacation Students were selected through written test Totally 4 seasons of Grandmaster quiz was conducted Grandmaster quiz Helped students to improve their GK and Current Affairs knowledge UAE national Day Competition An online quiz test was conducted for the UAE's 40th National Day online to make students aware about the UAE. Students developed new skills and their talents More participation from class in school activities For eg,
5 out of the top 8 students of the whole divisions of grade 8 for the Look Who's Answering 2010-2011(Quiz) were from VIII-C (George's class) Similarly for events like English Week, Hindi week, etc many students participate now from George's class. General Knowledge of students increased due to Grandmaster Quiz, etc Awareness about the UAE increased for the students due to the online test Literary Oratory Patriotic Powerpoint, Graphic Designing and Movie Making Quiz Competitions or Awards Won or Participated in Self Development Local and Community level National and International level Collected rice for SEWA (school)
Collected cloths for Atmabodham for Indian Orphanage (Community) Member of Eco Club Office Bearers from grade 8 and now President Of Eco Club Bought new ideas, etc to the club to transform it into one of the popular clubs in the school and interacted with students using social media, etc to spread environmental awareness Eco Club won inter school prizes for the highest plastic bottle collection, 3rd in inter school E-Waste campaign, etc Charity Environmental Campaign, etc George and his friends as a part to increase awareness on smoking health issues, did a research report and interviewed smokers. George also conducted a seminar in India for teenagers. Online campaigner of these international organizations: Leadership skills Other skills Leadership skills Communication skills Attending leadership workshops and holding various leadership roles Quiz Master in Quiz Programmes Planning and Organizing Events Spark X Group projects Assemblies Board works other skills Scientific Skills Visited the Shams 1 Power Plant and also the Masdar City, along with performing well in Science talent exams and doing projects. Also attended science seminars and subscribed to science magazines Creative Writing Skills member of editorial team of the school newsletter "Al Shouaa" Quizzing Skills researching and conducting various quizzes on various topics
eg: environment, current affairs, Gk, books, UAE, etc Graphic Designing Develop it by inculcating new trends, etc and also by making invitations, etc for various school events. Thank You George Zacharia,
Our Own English High School, Sharjah (Boys' Branch) "What we are is God's gift to us,
and what we become is our gift to God" -Eleanor Powell Participation in Elocution competition 1st
English Extempore
2012-2013 2nd
English Elocution
2011-2012 Du National day competition TKMCE National Day Dance School National Day Programme 1st
Powerpoint Competition 2nd Prize
Design Mascot Contest Eco Week Assembly Be Part Of It Winner Creativity Recognition Award from NASA 1st
Movie Making Competition 1st- Adzap 1st- SparkX Best Project Principals award 2011-2012 2nd- Group Dance Asset exam distinguished performance Big idea Wizkid 2012 Sastra Prathibha- 2nd place (A+) Took initiative and organized an awareness event for earth hour in Sharjah Mega Mall on the 31st March 2012 developed through participation in various events Member of Inquizitive (Quiz Club) and also online quiz groups like Quiz Homies and Quiz Dubai
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