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Madrid Fusión

International culinary congress

Alejandro GCR

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of Madrid Fusión

What is Madrid Fusión?
It's a culinary congress where cookers share their ideas and new techniques to other professionals of the cuisine. And the suppliers try to cath up new customers by showing their products. About Madrid Fusión:
Was borned in 2003
Nowadays, Madrid Fusión it's known all over the world.

On the second floor: There are around 200 stands showing their products.
We can find from the best cured-jam to an exotic cocktail from Peru. More about Madrid Fusion:
The congress last three days
This year the main topic is Korean food.
there are othr topics as:
Dulce Fusión referred to desserts
And low cost cuisine
You can see how a jury compund of famous culinary journalist and cookers as Jose Maria Arzak or Sergi Arola who judges different dishes
You will find new ideas as spanish potatoes omelette which you keep it freeze until you cook it for 5 minutes and it will look as a homemade spanish potatoe omelette. What else to see? There are all kind of wines from national and international wineries where you can taste them.
It couldn't be missing appreciate food as caviar or oysters or more common as potatoes aromatizies with rosemary or truffle.
At lunch time: You can eat some stew or just have a hot dogs Because of the topic of this year there are a lot of stands related to asian and korean food:
There are stands with people doing sushi at the moment.
Or just giving to taste traditional foods from their countries as the yang, which is a korean spice that they do it by the fermentation of their soy.

To conclude I would like to say that Madrid Fusión it’s a very interesting congress where chefs from all over the wolrd go there to share their ideas and take others ideas looking for the improve of their own cuisine. THE TRIP Flight: Seoul-Madrid
Departure from Airport of Incheon, Seoul (South Korea)
Arrive to Frankfurt Airport (Germany) Departure from Frankfurt Airport (Germany)
Arrive to Airport of Madrid, Barajas (Spain) Schedule and prices Duration: 9 hours and 34 minutes.
Departure: the 21st of January 2012 at 12:00am.
Lands: the 21st of January 2012 at 23:34pm.
Duration: 2 hours.
Departure: the 22nd of January 2012 at 1.00am.
Lands: the 22nd of January 2012 at 3:00am. Total price: 870€ SPECIAL SERVICE
Two private cars will take them from the airport to the hotel.
An special bus service will take our visitors from the hotel to the congress
A tourist bus will take you around the city to visit the most important things of the city. For travelling around our city, Madrid is provide of a fantastic transport like Metro de Madrid, Renfe and Madrid buses. Transport in Madrid Seoul-Frankfurt Frankfurt-Madrid Why we ha chose Madrid Fusión? Because we think that is a very famous and important conference that was developed last month in Madrid. How to buy the tickets?
You can choose between two buying options:
Get it by Internet.
Buy it at the begging of the congress.
We recommend you the first option.
An exclusive exposition where more than 50 professionals from around the world cook their famous recipes.
Every 20 minutes is compulsory that the cooker finish its demonstration, for giving the opportunity to another member to make its exhibition. What to see on the first floor? Which was the honor country this year? Korea The purpose of this selection is that Korean food gets into people´s mind, because of the rapid growth that this diet has developed with their entrance in new countries last year. Why Korean food? An special guest in Madrid Fusión: Martin Aw Yong was born in Singapore and trained in the Singapore Hyatt Hotel.
It is considered to be one of the best chefs in Asia.
Nowadays he manages the two restaurants of reference in the Beijing Hyatt Hotel. Additional travel rates: Private cars (airport-hotel/hotel-airport): 150 euros.
Metro simple tickect(round trip):1,50 euros.
Microbus (3 days):45euros/person.
Tour bus: 10 euros.
Sightseeing in Toledo/Segovia (Optional): 50 euros/person. ACCOMMODATION HILTON MADRID AIRPORT ***** Is set only a few minutes by car from Madrid Barajas Airport, and located to 2’6 km from IFEMA Convention Centre. * Restaurant
* Fitness Centre
* Airport Shuttle
* Gift Shop
* Sauna
Hotel facilities:
* Solarium
* Indoor swimming pool
* Outdoor swimming pool
* Wi-fi (22€ per day) AXOR FERIA *** Axor Feria is a modern and design hotel, next to Madrid’s Barajas airport, and located just a five minute drive from IFEMA Convention Centre. Hotel facilities
* Golf curse
* Games Room
* Free shuttle service to the airport * Design Hotel
* Soundproofed rooms
* Special price for groups ( Booking more than 5 rooms) * 24 hour Front Desk NOVOTEL CAMPO DE LAS NACIONES **** This hotel is set right next to IFEMA and “Palacio de Congresos”. It offers free Wi-Fi and a free shuttle service to Barajas Airport. Hotel facilities:
* Swimming pool
* 0’2 km from IFEMA
* Fitness Center
* 100m from Metro * Shuttle service to airport. * Special price for groups (Booking more than 7 rooms) ITINERARY We have planned that the stay of our Korean group should be from the 22 of January to 27, giving them time enough to rest after they long travel, and letting them visit Madrid and enjoy completely Madrid Fusión Congress. They will arrive at the airport at 09:00 am. From there two private cars will drive them to Novotel Hotel, where they could rest all morning.
In the afternoon (From 17:00 to 19:00) a tourist bus will take them around the city.
At night they will be giving a special dinner at the hotel. 22nd of January 2012 They could choose between a visit by their own around Madrid, traveling by train or using the underground, or an all day visit to Toledo.
They will go in a private bus that will leave at 09:00 am and take them back to the hotel around 21:00 pm. 23rd of January 2012 It’s the first day of Madrid Fusión Congress. They will be drive from the hotel to the congress by bus at 09:30 am, where they will spend all day long. 24th of January 2012 On the second day of Madrid Fusion Congress, they will be drived to the congress a little bit earlier, at 09:00, because they will come back to the hotel at 13:30 to have a special lunch organized by the Hotel for all their hosts.
After the lunch, we will drive them to the congress again. 25th of January 2012 On the last day of Madrid Fusion Congress they will spent all day there, from 09:00 to 20:30. They will be given some presents from the congress for their assistance.
At night, we will drive them to one of the best Korean restaurants in Madrid, near to Colon, where they will have their last dinner and enjoy the beautiful illumination of “La Castellana”. 26th of January 2012 The shuttle service of the hotel will drive them to the airport at 08:00 am, where they will take their plane to Frankfurt at 10:00 am. 27th of January 2012
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