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Volleyball Speech

No description

Leah Pearlman

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Volleyball Speech

The Olympic Dream How it All Starts Why volleyball? What opened your eyes to playing? Honestly I just went with some friends who were positive they wanted to play volleyball, we went to the clinic, I absolutely loved it. I think I fell in love with the team aspect of it so from then on it was all I wanted to do, I knew that was going to be my sport and that’s what I wanted to do to take me to college. Scholarships How many scholarship offers did you receive and to which schools? Coming in as a freshman when I was a junior in high school I took 4 official visits and one unofficial and I probably had letters from 3 other schools so I basically had my choice of 8, 9 programs. When I transferred it was 4 programs that offered me a full ride.

The College Experience Deciding Factors: It was all about volleyball for me and if I could look back in hindsight I would definitely put more emphasis on education and what I was going to be studying. I would’ve thought more about that and base my decisions on that. Basically what I was looking for was a program that won at least a little bit and a coach I knew I was going to do well with mesh well with and would learn a lot from and I wanted to go somewhere new not necessarily where family was to kind of become more of an adult.

It was the best four years of my life! It was hard and there were definitely times where I wanted to give up, but you just can’t. It comes down to if you love volleyball enough you can’t quit because it will get better. It’s particularly harder your first year and second year, especially if you have a boyfriend or lots of friends at home or you really miss your family. You have to see it as it’s not permanent you have to see its only four years of your life and your going to be done with it and you’re going to be so happy that you stuck with it because it honestly will be the best four years of your life. Last Remarks Never be satisfied being as good as you are, you can always be better and you’ll always find teams somewhere, some tournament, some gym that are better so always, always to play your best. Always believe that you are the best all the while, you know every team is beatable no matter how good they are or what their record is, they’re always beatable. Coaching Volleyball after college? How did coaching come into your life? Coaching, my very first coaching job was right after I finished my fall season, my last semester of school, and I just wanted to stay in volleyball, I didn’t want to be done yet. Rough first year, it’s a big transition from playing to coaching, it’s like night and day and you will probably find yourself thinking back saying “if only I’d known what my coach meant". It honestly makes you a much better player if you could coach while you were in college I know its tough, I’d say absolutely do it, it will make the game so much easier to understand. IMPACT Seeing how my coach has never quit even when the going got rough taught me that no matter what happens I can never give up on the one thing I love with the deepest passion. Having this interview opened my eyes to how important my junior year is to get noticed by college coaches and to try my best to go to all the visits I can to see which fit is the best for me Seeing how my coach would've valued her education more than volleyball if she has a re-do is something I need to keep my mind on when I'm choosing colleges as well Above all my coach expressed to me that you need to know where your going, the path you choose, and stick to your guns no matter what. Anything else you want to add about volleyball? THE END!
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