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Josh F

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Major Protagonists Characters Minor Protagonists Major Antagonists Setting Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Princess Cadance
Shining Armor
Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle
Spike Nightmare Moon
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra Trixie
Diamond Tiara
Diamond Dogs
Gilda Minor Antagonists Twilight Sparkle Element of Magic
Student of Princess Celestia
Skills in magic
Afraid to fail
Likes books
Has potential to go insane Applejack Element of Honesty
Works at Sweet Apple Acres
Extremely athletic
Dependable Fan base Rainbow Dash Element of loyalty
Can fly extremly fast Rarity Element of Generosity
Love of beauty
Love of recognition
Runs her own dress shop Fluttershy Element of Kindness
Incredibly shy and timid
Can show anger at some times
Loves animals
Takes care of animals Pinkie Pie Element of laughter
Energetic and outgoing
Can be insecure
Loves to party Princess Celestia Ruler of Equestria
Teacher of Twilight Sparkle
Has power to raise the sun Princess Luna Co-ruler of Equestria
Freed from Nightmare Moon
Has power to raise the moon
Can also travel through dreams Princess Cadance Niece of Celestia and Luna
Married to Twilight's brother,
Shining Armor
Used to "foul-sit" Twilight
Later becomes Princess of
of the Crystal Empire Shining Armor Twilight's older brother
Captain of the Royal Guard
Married to Cadance
Helps Cadance rule the
Crystal Empire Sweetie Belle Little sister of Rarity
Co-founder of the Cutie
Mark Crusaders
Good at singing Apple Bloom Little sister of Applejack
Co-founder of the Cutie
Mark Crusaders
Very independent Scootaloo Co-founder of the Cutie
Mark Crusaders
No parents (as of right now)
Fan of Rainbow Dash Spike Twilight's assistant
Has a crush on Rarity
Sends letters to Celestia by
breathing fire Nightmare Moon Luna corrupted by jealousy
Banished to the moon by Celestia
Tried to make it eternal night
in Equestria Discord Spirit of Chaos and disharmony
Turned to stone by Celesita and Luna
and later the Twilight and her friends
Later becomes good and friends
with Fluttershy Queen Chrysalis Queen of the changelings
Feeds of love
Impersonated Princess Cadance
Able to take form of any other
pony King Sombra Previous ruler of the Crystal Empire
Banished by Celestia and Luna in ice
Later destroyed by the crystal heart Trixie Claims to be the most powerful
unicorn in Equestria
Speaks in third person
Refers to herself as the "Great and
powerful Trixie" Diamond Tiara Spoiled
Power hungry
Manipulative Diamond Dogs Obsessed with gems
Speak like Gollum from LOTR
Live in mines Gilda Old friend of Rainbow Dash
Competitive The show takes place in the land of Equestria. Five main regions Ponyville
Crystal Empire
Everfree Forest Ponyville Mainly where the show takes place Canterlot Where Celestia and Luna live
Some episodes take place here. Cloudsdale Fluttershy and Rainbow both came from here
Shown in a few episodes Crystal Empire Kingdom made of crystals
Shown in a few episodes so far Everfree Forest Dark forest home to many dangerous animals
Shown in many episodes Male fans call themselves "Bronies" Ironically, show appeals
to males between the ages
of 13-35. Estimated 12.4 million bronies in the U.S. Developed by Lauren Faust First episode premiered on
October 10, 2010, on the Hub. Cast Twilight Sparkle- Tara Strong
Applejack- Ashleigh Ball
Rainbow Dash- Ashleigh Ball
Rarity- Tabitha St. Germain
Fluttershy- Andrea Libman
Pinkie Pie- Andrea Libman Nightmare Moon- Tabitha St. Germain
Discord- John de Lancie
Queen Chrysalis- Kathleen Barr
King Sombra- "Big" Jim Miller The End Well-known Bronies Marcus Persson
Seth Green
Seth MacFarlane
Gabe Newell
Chris Evans Sources www.wikipedia.org/
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