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Jamestown Colony

No description

Hannah Loves Chocolate

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Jamestown Colony

Jamestown Colony
Purpose of Jamestown
They searched for treasures from the Americas to make a profit in Europe. They searched for:
Who Founded It?
The 1st Year at Jamestown
Spring of 1607: The first settlers arrive in Chesapeake Bay and built a fort that they soon named Jamestown.
Who Led The Colony?
Fall of 1608: John Smith was sent from England to lead the colony
Works Cited
Davidson, James. Stoff, Michael. 'America: History of Our Nation' New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc., 2014. Print.
By: Britney Rodriguez
& Hannah Rebancos

1607: King James I granted a group of wealthy people and the merchants a charter to establish a colony called Virginia.
The town suffered during it's 1st year colonists were dying from diseases, such as malaria.
Gold and silver
Raspberry Trees
Malaria was caused from the insects that swarmed around the swampy peninsula in the warm weather.
Not him
New Buildings
Arrival of English women
And food from Native American tribes which he had raided
New Crops
His Leadership lead to.....
The Starving Time
John Smith was sent back to England from being injured from an explosion.
Powhatan (Native American tribe leader) wanted the English men to leave, and refused to give them food
The colonists ran out of food immediately. The cold winter of 1609-1610 is now known as the Starving Time.
Only around 60 colonists survived.
According to nydailynews.com, human remains found in Jamestown show that the colonists ate their own dead during the Starving Time.
Did the Colony Continue to Exist?
The Virginia Company kept people from leaving by sending new colonists and by offering more free land. Most importantly, the company sent new leaders to restore order in the colony.
The colony was "rescued" by tobacco, which became popular in many other European colonies. Tobacco crops spread through out Virginia in the 1620's
House of Burgesses
Virginia developed a representative government in the 1620's, and the House of Burgesses were able to set taxes and pass laws.
Representative government: A type of government where voters choose people who they want to make the laws.
African Slaves in Virginia
-Summer of 1619: A Dutch ship brought 20 captured Africans to be sold as slaves.

-Permanent slavery wasn't established until late 1600's.
"Cannibal Colonists! Remains at Jamestown show early American settlers ate each other: scientists." 'NYDailyNews'. May 1, 2013. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/english-colonists-jamestown-cannibals-scientists-article-1.1332196#ixzz2ii3H4XMj ~11/5/13
*Side note:
They also collected tobacco, but that wasn't until early 1620's
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