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North Americas Building Blocks

No description

Gene Monahan

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of North Americas Building Blocks

North America's Building Blocks
What Money They Get From Tobacco
Photos From Bing
Workers Hard Jobs
Hard Work On The Farm
Pretty Valuble
Lots Of Tobacco
Photos From Google
Why They Do It
People in North America used to sell tobacco for goods. Cloth and Metal were very common.
What They Needed There House For
Plantation Owners didn't just sell tobacco for material they sold it for money that is why they needed kitchens.They also needed a barn to hang the tobacco in and they needed a place to sleep.
Farmers, instead of getting money they get tobacco notes.The notes said how much tobacco you gave and how much money you get. Once you get this note, you give someone the note, someone owns your tobacco and you get money from them.Then usually the people you gave the tobacco to sell it to other people so they can get material for a store.
Tobacco was very hard to produce.It took from six to eight weeks to grow but then Plantation workers had to cook it and make it good to eat.They also had to get rid of tobacco worms.Then when it is ready to sell it had been about a year.
Regular hogsheads (barrels) contained between 1,000 to 1,200 pounds of tobacco and had to be inspescted.Each adult worker would fill 1 hogshead with what they produced. Since there was so much North America exported about 70,000 hogsheads per year.
Each worker covered about 3 acres of tobacco but workers were pretty expensive, but tobacco farmers needed them a lot.
Before the war started tobacco was the most valuable cash crop (or product)in North America.Everyone wanted it!
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