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Customer Experience Project

No description

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Customer Experience Project

The Customer Experience Journey
The Road Ahead
Project Hypotheses
Steps Ahead
Where Our Journey Began...
Making a Start
Our Road Map
Project Hypotheses
Research + Actions
The Results So Far....
Next Steps
Project Overview
Research + Actions Required

Action Learning Project .... Customer Experience

Key Components ...
Customer Segmentation
Customer Relationships

months up our sleeve, and

dedicated team members!!

Staying In The Zone
The Results... So Far
Internal Feedback
50 Recovre employees across 26 different locations and 8 different positions
Stakeholder Mapping
Customer Culture
Market Segmentation + Resources
Customer Engagement Standards
Customer focus groups
Competitor + price analysis

How do we meet customer needs?
Talking to our customs
Adhere to SLA requirements
Offer tailored solutions
Listening and understanding

What do we know?
64% were aware of WPR solutions
35% were aware of WHS solutions
25% were aware of Medical services
46% were aware of other solutions
75% were confident to talk to their customers
Where can we assist our team ?
1. Induction
2. Observation/buddy
3. Customer PD sessions
4. Access to Recovre solutions
5. Exposure
6. Consultant guides
What do we think our customers need?
Communication + Quality
Proactivity + Outcomes
Expert advice + education
Customer Survey
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