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AL's Mexican Roadtrip

No description

Steven Littley

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of AL's Mexican Roadtrip

Mexican Roadtrip by AL for kirk thats a camel we are gonna drive it to Mexico our first stop is... San Antonio, TX Brownsville, TX Tenochtitlan Zacatecas Veracruz Cancun Playa del Carmen La Paz Natural Bridge Caverns The Alamo San Antonio Zoo San Antonio Mission The Old Cemetery Sombrero Festival The Aztecs built Tenochtitlan on an island Home to countless rare animals, such as the Civet, pictured above Americans vs. Mexicans. The Mexicans killed all of the Americans who were in the Alamo Formations, such as "The Jellyfish", pictured above, astound sight-seers Founded in the 1700's by the Spanish, this mission was built to convert the natives. This cemetery holds some of the original settlers of the Rio Grande Valley. This festival helps preserve Mexican culture because it revolves around the sombrero, which originated in Mexico. Spaniards who discovered Tenochtitlan marveled at its color. The color has long since faded. Zacatecas the city is the capital of the State Zacatecas The St. Augustine Church was built by the Spanish after the founding of Zacatecas. Markets such as this allow tourists to purchase hand-made goods. This municiple building, built in the 1600's, has a tower from which government officials kept watch over the port. Due to its central location, Veracruz has a culture with Spanish, native mexican, and African roots. Known for its tranquil sandy beaches, Cancun is the vacation destination of choice in Mexico. Cancun was entirely undeveloped until the late 1960's when it was chosen as an ideal tourist location. Scuba Divers enjoy spectacular sights, such as underwater caves and gigantic sea turtles. Tourists flock to the serene and sandy beaches, and often take canoes out to sea in order to admire the natural beauty. Hunter Gatherers lived near La Paz approximately 10,000 years ago and left cave paintings which exist to this day. Tourists in La Paz can go whale watching, an activity that may soon be impossible due to the hunting of whales. Thunderous Applause Ancient Aztec culture can still be seen today in many Mexican traditions.
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