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Individual and Major Donors

No description

Policy Assistant

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Individual and Major Donors

Cultivation Successful development of a sustained commitment to your organisation... Identification Determine which individual donors/groups --> fundraising strategies to focus on. - do not act on behalf of a foundation, company etc

- usually wish to be involved in a cause
- seek recognition Types of individual donors traditional philanthropists vs venture philanthropists 7 Faces of Philanthropy Recommendations Demonstrate respect for the expertise which is the source of their wealth

Address legitimate concerns about governance and accountability. Individual and Major Donors Individual
Donors Major Donors - donor whose donation has significant impact on operations

- May be via an organisation/foundation - amount varies Controversies and Restrictions Some donors want to be consulted or ‘have a say’ in how their donations are allocated and spent. - donors want to feel that they are
valued and recognised - long-term, ongoing process of building relationships - cultivate relationships throughout the year - thank your donors and keep them updated - donor database - in-depth research on potential donors - identify direct or indirect link with your organisation - contact who you already know - host events and project visits - Involve trustees and senior staff - Understand and promote tax-effective giving - Have an ethical policy - Willing to remain anonymous - Altruistic giving (Religion) - Focus on concrete programs or missions
- Emotion-driven
- Strong interest in causes being supported - Personal relationship - Willing to experiment - Focus on measurable results - Focus on capacity building - High involvement - Funding on a multi-year basis - Often own his/her grant-making foundation or socially responsible investment funds Capturing interest - May have focus on social business Market segmentation (a) show purpose of donation relevant to the
donor's sphere (b) point out benefits from organisation for donor (c) increase the convenience of giving and/or communicate donating is worth expense/effort.
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