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about the olympics 2011

lewis robinson

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of geo-olympics

the olympics 2012 we are the london development agency. we are for the olympics as it will refurbish the land and bring tourism and plenty of opportunities for the people in and aroung london and the olympics we are keen to tell you about the positive influences of the olympics and how it will help us as the london development agency the olympics will bring over 12000 job opportunities for the people of london.this includes jobs in tourism, construction,transportation and many more. there will be a lot of people hired for construction as this will help the stadium meet the deadline.althought these jobs are only temporary,as once the stadium is complete they will no longer be needed for it. tourism on the other hand will keep on going and will create plenty of jobs. this is a permenant occupation as people will want to see the stadium way after the olympics. because tourism continues so will transport such as stewards , pilots and train drivers and so on. this will make plenty of jobs after the olympics for a lot of people, not just from london. There will be many improvments to london even after the games. These include improvments to the houses parks and education. After the Games, the Athletes' Village will be a lasting legacy of essential new housing for east London. It will be transformed into 2,800 new homes, including 1,379 affordable homes. a new acadmy will also be built with a education campus. the olympics is very expensive as it cost £5,300,000,000. this may seem a very large number but the amount we expect to earn from this is £23m thank you for reading.
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