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Ethical Dilemma Presentation

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Jane Campbell

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Ethical Dilemma Presentation

Implicit Biases;
An Ethical Dilemma

Case Introduction
Sophia is a nineteen year old Hispanic freshman attending Trinity University, a small private college located on the east coast. Sophia was one of two recipients of the “Girls on the Run” scholarship, a full-tuition allowance awarded to low-income females for achievement in academics in the face of adversity. Per her award contract, Sophia has agreed to uphold both the academic expectations of the university by maintaining a 3.0 GPA as well as adhering to the lifestyle contract-a clause comprised of traditional Catholic values.

In the middle of spring semester, Sophia comes to you, Trinity University’s social worker expressing fears that she is going to be expelled from T.U. Sophia continues to disclose that she is three months pregnant and experiencing abnormal stomach pains for her first trimester. Sophia goes on to say that she cannot go to the student health center because the school will find out she has engaged in premarital sex and she will lose her scholarship and get kicked out. Sophia asks you, the social worker, to help her figure out how she can get help with her baby without being expelled from the university.

All social workers employed at T.U. have signed contracts similar to that of the student body, including adherence to the institution’s lifestyle agreements. Additionally, all faculty and staff are contractually responsible for reporting any student behavior that deviates from the aforementioned contract clauses. How do you work with Sophia to ensure that her needs are being met while continuing your observance of university policy?

Examining the Ethical Problems
What are the basic ethical problems in this case?
a. Obligations as a social worker to the NASW Code of Ethics
b. Sophie’s well-being, including her health and education
c. Trinity’s concern for Sophie as the student, as well as its obligation to uphold Catholic Values

Ethical Theories and Contemporary Philosophies
Religious Ethics - Catholic Teachings
Premarital sex
Commitment to the mother and the unborn child
Relevant Personal and Professional
Catholic values regarding pregnancy and right to life
The importance of education, in this case for Sophie
Full disclosure to the university as established in the employment contract

Positions of "The Other"
Assessment Criteria
*Identifying the relevant values of the three involved parties
*Legal Issues
*Ethical Principles Screen
NASW Code of Ethics
Article 1.05; Section B
Social workers should have a knowledge base of their clients’ cultures and be able to demonstrate competence in the provision of services that are sensitive to clients’ cultures and to differences among people and cultural group
Article 1.07; Section A
Social workers should respect clients’ right to privacy,
Section E
Social workers should review with client’s circumstances where confidential information may be requested and where disclosure of confidential information may be legally required
Article 2.01; Section A
Social workers should treat colleagues with respect and should represent accurately and fairly the qualifications, views, and obligations of colleagues
Literature and Peer
Information Integration
Client well-being
Social Work
Professional Ethics
Morality of
University Policies
Peer Consultation

Social worker's conscience decision to forgo T.U.'s reporting policy
Decisions, Decisions...
Harms? Benefits?
*Cathedral Catholic
High School
Additional References
Relevant to Case
Trinity University
Scholarship Students
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
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