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Devika's Journey to Becoming a Dream Candidate

No description

Devika Chowdhury

on 1 June 2018

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Transcript of Devika's Journey to Becoming a Dream Candidate

Devika's Journey to Becoming a Dream Candidate
There once was a girl called Devika...
Devika is a passionate 26 year old who enjoys rising to meet new challenges and learning lots en route.
Her family home is in Essex, but she has been living in London for nearly 10 years. Her family and friends are very important to her.
She is training to become a Psychosexual Psychotherapist, is very interested in mental health and also in sexual health, sexuality etc.
Her background is mainly Admin and Reception based, more recently she worked as a Project Support Officer which she really enjoyed.
There's more to her than meets the eye...
She has nearly 15 years of volunteering experience for a wide range of different charities and causes.
She has worked for a variety of different companies/ organisations on purpose, to learn as much as she can about what she wants for herself and to find out what she enjoys and is good at.
She has a degree in Psychology with Counselling from Roehampton University and did a Post-Graduate Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy at Regents University. She has also been accepted onto a (part-time!) Post- Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy.
But who is she as a person??

I spend a lot of my time;
Reading and sharing inspiring quotes
Obsessively watching TedTalks
Volunteering with a multitude of charities
Travelling to see friends and family
Researching new and exciting restaurants to eat in
Learning new skills e.g. how to knit, how to ski, how to sing
Trying to find the most obscure thing to do in my next holiday destination
Relaxing with my pet hedgehog, his name is Unicorn (because he has many corns!)
Subjecting people to my terrible jokes
What are Devikas Key Skills?
Excellent written and verbal communication skills- clear and confident.
Excellent interpersonal skills- self motivated, proactive, works with initiative and independance.
Teamwork- motivates, supports and encourages others.
People person- strong presence, positive and confident.
Committed to own and supporting others personal and professional development.
Driven, determined, creative/logical problem solver.
Able to plan, organise and prioritise workloads.
Advanced computer skills- Microsoft and Outlook.
Self awareness, sensitive to others, reassuring, trustworthy and diplomatic.
Maintains effective performance and thrives under pressure/ with challenges.
Able to negotiate, persuade and influence.
Understands the reality of change in a developing organisation, flexible to work with change, think creatively during periods of transition, initiating changes by developing and implementing new procedures to support change.
What does Devika want from life?
Paid Work
Unpaid Work
I want to live in a world where people are kind & understanding, I want future generations to live in a loving way. I want to help make that happen.

I can do that by eloquently protesting via education and spreading awareness. I hope that whatever work I do will contribute to that at least a small bit.

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing" Theodore Roosevelt
So, why Devika?
As an individual, Devika has a lot to offer. She loves to share what she knows and genuinely enjoys learning from others.
She is an asset to any team and whilst there is always room for improvement, she is often complimented on her performance at work.
Devika is capable of learning very quickly and is really passionate about the work that she does. She takes great pride in producing high quality work and is always looking for ways to develop herself.
To conclude, this creative CV finishes with a snapshot of some of the work I did with the Wellhappy App...
My Dad
My Mum
My Sister
Friends from School
Friends from Uni
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