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The Harlem Renaissance: Cab Calloway

A brief history on Cab Calloway and the Cotton Club.

Kayla Roles

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of The Harlem Renaissance: Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway HI DE HO ! 1907 1922 1924 1926 1928 Cab was born on Christmas Day in Rochester, New York. "His uniquely American celebration of life was so joyous, gripping, seductive and compelling that it caused people to forget their problems and divisions and to recognize their common humanity in a new way."
-C. Calloway Brooks 1929 1930 1931 1932 1935 1940 1942 1933 1941 1942 1947 1948 1951 1953 1955 1965 1977 1978 1980 1983 1984 1989 1992 1993 1994 1995 Cab's voice mentor, Ruth Macabee, forbids him to sing Jazz. Cab goes to Frederick Douglas High in Baltimore. He spends his free time in speakeasies and jazz clubs. He beings to mentor with Chick Webb & Johnny Jones to learn how to play the drums & piano Cab plays for the "Baltimore Athenians", a team of the Negros Professional Basketball League. At age 19, Cab gets his first nightclub gig at "Dreamland Cafe" and starts performing with his friend, Louis Armstrong, at the "Sunset Cafe." Cab becomes the leader of the "Alabamians," the 11-piece band from Chicago, after Armstrong moves to Harlem. Cab becomes the leader of the "Missourians," the house band at club Savoy. Cab Calloway and the Missourians debut at the Cotton Club, replacing the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Cab becomes a national symbol of jazz when he is among the first Negro musicians to be broadcasted on television. Cab and his band change their name to Cab Calloway's Cotton Club Orchestra and become the new house band. Cab Calloway's Cotton Club Orchestra is the first black jazz band to tour the South. Cab is featured on an episode of Betty Boop named after his first hit single, "Minnie the Moocher." Cab's orchestra begins touring again, breaking box office records in theatres, clubs, concert halls, and ballroom all over America. Cab is featured on Betty Boop two more times. Cab Calloway's Cotton Club Orchestra goes on their first European tour. The Cotton Club closes, Cab Calloway's Cotton Club Orchestra relocates to Club Zanzibar. Cab has his own radio show, Quizzacle. Cab keeps touring America and breaks the attendance record in New York City's Paramount Theatre. Cab's band startes recording under other names such as "Cab Calloway and his Cab Jivers" and "Cab Calloway and his Cabaliers." Cab and his band break up and become a contract band. Cab's old band reassembles for a South American tour. Cab decides to live in London. Cab tours internationally, including England, as a solo artist. Cab starts travelling with the Harlem Globe Trotters, playing at intermissions with crowds up to 20,000 people. Cab starts performing with his grandson, C. Calloway Brooks. C. Calloway Brooks bring Jazz to Italy. C. Calloway Brooks graduates from New England's Conservatory with honors. Cab and his grandson perform together for the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. Cab continues to perform with his grandson. Janet Jackson's music video for "Alright" features Cab. Cab and his grandson perform together for the last time on behalf of Associated Black Charities. Cab appears at the White House and is awarded the National Medal of Arts of 1993 by Bill Clinton. Cab dies of a stroke on November 18th in Delaware. After his death, Cab is inducted into the International Jazz Hall of Fame. Broadway & Media THE BIG BROADCAST OF 1932 CAB CALLOWAY'S HI-DE-HO GREAT JAZZ BANDS OF THE 30'S CAB CALLOWAY'S JITTERBUG PARTY THE SINGING KID MANHATTAN MERRY-GO-ROUND STORMY WEATHER SENSATIONS OF 1945 HI-DE-HO PORGY & BESS RHYTHM AND BLUES REVIEW BASIN STREET REVIEW BETTY BOOP QUIZZICALE JAZZ BALL COTTON CLUB REVUE OF 1957 ST. LOUIS BALL THE CINCINNATI KID HELLO DOLLY THE PAJAMA GAME BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR THE BLUES BROTHERS SESAME STREET THE COTTON CLUB MINNIE THE MOOCHER AND MANY MANY MORE ALRIGHT Literature OF MINNIE THE MOOCHER AND ME CAB CALLOWAY'S HEPSTER DICTIONARY: THE LANGUAGE OF JIVE Skin-beater (n.) -- drummer Moo juice (n.) -- milk Cat (n.) -- musician in swing band Crumb crushers (n.) -- teeth Chick (n.) -- girl Canary (n.) -- girl vocalist The man (n.) -- the law Cab Calloway had a career that lasted 66 years. In his career, he appeared in 18 films, four Broadway productions, three musical shorts, two television shows, and on his own radio show. After launching his own career at the Cotton Club, he enabled the musical careers of many other black musicians, including his grandson, and was the front man of the international Jazz and Swing scene. Cab brought Jazz to North America's West coat, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. He was the first black musican to be broadcasted on national radio and among the first to appear on big television networks. Calloway is recognized as one of the most successful artists during Harlem's time; not soley because of his music, but because he put the international spotlight on the "New Negro." Impact! WORKS CITED

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