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The Vampire Diaries is sooo awesomee(: x

The vampy diaries is soooo amazing......you have to watch it!! i'm going to tell you about how fantabidocious the vampire diaries really is....... :D x

Shakti S

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of The Vampire Diaries is sooo awesomee(: x

The Vampire
Diaries This is Elena Gilbert.
She is a 17 year old girl who attends Mystic Falls high school along with many others. She ends up falling in love with a vampire named Stefan Salvatore and his evil brother Damon which leads to a load of Mayhem and Misery awaiting them. This is Bonnie Bennett. She is a 17 year old girl and is one of Elena's best friends since nursery. She finds out that she is a witch with special abilities and uses them to help Elena and co. with their own vampire problems. She also has a lot of pain and misery awaiting her. This is Katherine Pearce.
She is one of the oldest vampires in Mystic Falls, at the age of 1475 years old. She is one of the 27 vampires that were locked in a tomb and got released, she will be causing a lot of misery for others. In 1864, two vampires named Stefan and Damon Salvatore ( who were human then) were both madly in love with Katherine, tearing a hole between them. This caused the two brothers to kill eachother and becoming vampires just like her creating even more problems!! Although she was going out with the two of them at the same time, she had always had her love for Stefan which is why she came back to reclaim it but he was in a relationship with Elena. I know this is confusing but you need to watch what she will do....it's quite exciting!! She is a very bitchy and sly woman and she is out to get those who betrayed her in the past. This is Caroline Forbes.
She is one of Elena's best friends now that she has become a vampire
but before that, she and Elena were sworn enemies. Caroline is a self- conscious and a bitchy type of character just like Katherine and she is like a servant of Katherine's. She had recently fell and got taken to hospital but Katherine came in and killed her knowing she had vampire blood inside of her. This was a message sent by Katherine, warning Elena and Stefan to break up for her own sake. Since then, Caroline has lived with the consequences of being a vampire but she just can't help but suck the blood out of other humans....... This is Vicki Donovan.
She is the sister of Matt Donovan and also attends Mystic Falls high school. She is known more as a 'slut' to many people in the school but one boy called Jermeny Gilbert fell in love with Vicki for her pride and happiness. Everything went well for them until Vicki got turned into a vampire by Damon. This led to a sad death of Vicki being staked by Stefan for trying to kill Jeremy. Jermemy eventually got over her but was very sad over her death. This is Tyler Lockwood. He is the son of Mayor Lockwood
and the nephew of Mason Lockwood. he is more involved
in season 2, where he accidently kills a date by being provoked by her.
It says that if you killed somebody else, no matter what, then you would break the
Lockwood Curse and become a werewolf and thats exactly what Tyler had become.
You would have to watch what happens to Tyler later on in Season 2!! This is Annabelle, a 17 year old vampire who was turned by Katherine back in 1864.
Her mother, Pearl, was killed back in 1864 along with Katherine and the others, and was held hostage in the tomb
for 27 years. she was finally released when Bonnie and her grandmother opened the tomb with a spell, to help damon, who was still madly in love with Katherine, to let her out so that they could be together. However, Katherine didn't get out of the tomb as she wasn't in there and Damon was left sad and miserable, as always.Anyway, anna eventually og tstaked and burned by Jonathan Gilbert who was out to kill all vampires in town. She was also going out with jeremy Gilbert at that time so it wasn't very nice for him to hear the news. Stefan, Damon and some others survivied but sadly, Anna didn't. This is Elena's 'so-called aunt', jenna Sommers. She is not actually the aunt of Elena's as Elena was adopted by them because her parents had died in a car crash. Jenna is in a loved-up relationship with history teacher Alaric saltzman at the moment and they have been going out for a while now. Howver, Jenna does not know anything about Vampires and Werewolves like everybody else in her family, but Alaric does. They are hopefully planning not to tell Jenna about all these supernatural things or who knows what will happen.......it won't end up well thats for sure..... This is Mason Lockwood. He is the uncle of Tyler Lockwood and has been a werewolf since 1864. He had killed somebody after being provoked for kissing his/her girlfriend and ever since has lived with the consequences of it. He was being used by Katherine to get a moonstone to lift the curse so that he would forget about being a werewold. However this led to Mason being killed by Damon screwing Katherines plans to kill all vampires except her.... This is matt Donovan. He is the brother of dead Vicki Donovan with a mother who has run away from her kids because she doesn't want to live with them. He used to go out with Elena before Stefan came in and stopped the relationship from going on and every since, Elena had been going out with Stefan. But the relationshiop came to a halt when Katherine threatened to kill all Elena's family. He then went out with caroline until she became a vampire and acted very weird infront of him, so he decided to dump her. Ever since that, Matt is single and free of vampires although he doesn't know anything about them, so thats all clear. This is Jeremy Gilbert. He is Elena's little brother and has been through a lot lately. He was in a relationship with Vicki Donovan until she had got staked for trying to kill him. Damon and Stefan decided to erase his memory of what he had seen but suddenly, it had all come back. before, he didn't know about all these supernatural things but has slowly figured out all about it by reading the whole of Elena's diary. DunDunDun..... This is Damon salvatore, the brother of the good vampire, Stefan Salvatore. I can tell you all about him but I think you have heard most of it from my other characters description. Basically, Damon was in love with Katherine Peirce in 1864 and got converted into a vampire by her. His rival was his brother Stefan and they both killed eachother for her. Now, Damon has turned evil and kills the souls of those inncocent people wheras Stefan lives on Animal Blood. He was madly in love with Katherine then and still is and looked inside of the tomb to find her but he couldn't so he was left to drink alchohol all night and day for the rest of his life. However, Now he is over Katherine after she told him that she only loved stefan and never loved him and is in another relationship with another vampire. I have saved the best for last(:
This is the gorgeous Stefan Salvatore, also known as the brother of the evil version of himself, Damon Salvatore. He is 17 years old in human form but is around 1000 years old as a vampire. He and Damon moved to Mystic Falls so that they wouldn't make it obvious that they were vampires. He attends Mystic Falls high school where he had met his girl, Elena Gilbert. Actually, he had always been waiting for her evr since he had seen her when he tryed to save her and her parents from a deadly car crash. But sadly, the parents had died, leaving Elena to be adopted by her new aunt jenna and brother Jeremy. In 1864, stefan was a 17 year old human who had fallen for a vampire; Katherine and so did his brother. Katherine turned him into a vampire and she got locked in a tomb for 27 years. She finally got released and when she did she made herself look like Elena to be with Stefan,not Damon. Ever since then, Stefan has tryed to mend his relationship with Elena but they had to break up because Katherine was threatening to kill her whole family and had already started by injuring Jenna. Thankfully she was okay but Stefan wasn't. Now they are after a stronger and more powerful vampire, Clause, who threatens to kill Elena to get what he want. You have to watch to know what is going to happen in these exciting moments......(: Thank you soo much for watching
this presentation and I really
hope you start watching the
amazing Vampire Diaries.......it is truly
fangtastic!! :D x
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