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The Value of Life

Physiology Final Project '13

David F.

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Value of Life

RELIGION The Value of Life Amanda Enzenauer, David Fang,
Jenna Faustino, and Daniel Feliciano Argument One Argument Two Conclusion COMMUNITY What is life insurance? LIFE
INSURANCE CHEMICAL ORGANS MILITARY CULTURAL HEALTH INSURANCE We are "all born equal" Human life is sacred We all undergo birth, growth, maturity, decline, and death Examples? Point made: You can NOT put a price tag on life. , intrinsic , priceless... Prison conditions, funded by taxpayers' money, have been maintained and are fairly good for the average human being.

Criminals or not, they are still humans. And their lives are worth just as much. The "death sentence" has been ruled unconstitutional in 17 out of 50 states.

Connecticut (2012)
Massachusetts (1984)
Minnesota (1911)
New York (2007)
Rhode Island (1984)
Wicsonsin (1957)

... Need I go on?

That is 1/3 of our country Our worth is based on our... abilities A simple example would be the wage differences of people with different educational values and abilities. status The annual salary average differences between educational levels according to the U.S. Census Bureau: High school drop outs: $18,734
High school graduates: $27,915
College grads (with a bachelor’s degree): $51,206
Advanced degree holders: $74,602 ABILITIES STA TUS Wealthy individuals find is easier to adapt in changing environments with money as their shield and sword Our country depends on their money in the form of investments to contribute to the development of our society The underprivileged population is dependent on the banks they borrow money from and the jobs they get make a living on The working class is plentiful and the amount of opportunities available for them is small In short - the wealthy population is worth more In short - the less wealthy population is worth less purpose VEN in a democracy, the president is one of our society’s most important characters in governing the affairs of our country. If something were to happen to the president, our government would go into a downward spiral of disarray and imbalance. Purpose Point made: Each person DOES have their individual worth. Society values people who can benefit them more. Despite these contrasting arguments, human lives do carry their individual values. Yes, we do value each and every life, hence the banishment of the death sentence. But we cannot ignore the fact that society has timelessly proven that we value one another differently. Total: $2,318.03 Considering that the person has a mass of 80Kg/176.37lb Our body is composed of over fifty different elements, ranging from Aluminum to Zirconium, varying in mass and abundance within the human body. + $100.00 $2418.03 The benefits of joining the military: to serve your country
housing, meals, medical benefits
college tuition paid for [if chosen] The System of Leadership soldiers start off in the military as privates and follow the order of their higher officers
the highest ranking officers are generals Generals Privates Differences? The average salary for a private in the United States Army is about eighteen thousand dollars a year The average salary for a general in the United States Army is around fifteen thousand dollars a month. It takes many years to attain the rank of general Generals earn more with more years in the field Job of privates and other low-ranking officers... put to work on the front lines and on the battlefield assigned to dangerous, hazardous, and life-threatening missions Job of generals give orders from a designated forward operation base Benefits to surviving family members : decent compensation to family of deceased private Benefits to surviving family members : substantial compensation to family of deceased general Does the military value human? How? Yes, the military does value human life as shown by reparations. However, officers of different rank have different values. Life insurance is an optional service policy that ensures a family's welfare if the provider were to pass away for any reason. What services does it include? debt payoff
income replacement
... etc Are there factors that affect your benefits? Yes. The amount of money you pay Your age What is organ donation?
Organ donation takes healthy organs and tissues from one person to be transplanted into another. People of all ages and backgrounds can be organ donors. One donor can help as many as 50 people. Did you know? More than 115,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for organ transplants. An average of 18 people die every day while waiting for organ transplants. There is an active market for human body parts.
In other parts of the world, it is legal to buy/sell organs.
Prices for organs vary amount different places. Hinduism Quick facts about Hinduism Belief: Life is a cyclic process of life and death Aim of Faith: to become “conscious” or "at one" with everything in the world Karma is the fate of a believer based on past actions in life Future life is determined based on good or bad Karma Reincarnation Emphasis on simplistic lifestyle with the main goal of achieving a better life than one currently experienced in the quest for ultimate salvation. Conclusion: Hinduism values life as a trial/test in order to determine what the next life will bring. Health insurance provides coverage for medicine, visits to the doctor, hospital stays, and other medical expenses. What is health insurance? Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Quick facts Procedure Cost of Procedure Value of Heart - $119,000 - $15,000 to 30,000 Our society places value on human life based on how much money one makes. A person is judged based on irrelevant factors. No one's life should be said to be greater than another's. Because life is priceless, every human being deserves to have health insurance. Although premiums may seem expensive, they don't compare to the full cost of major medical procedures. Conclusion Filipino culture mixes Roman Catholic traditions and indigenous religious superstitions Procession from wake to church After burial, novena (special commemorative prayer) is made for nine days
Formal meal is made with entire family
40 days after death, party to celebrate full journey to heaven
Year after death, waksi - final mourning party/prayer - made to remember the dead and end the grieving process Superstitions throughout mourning Overall, Filipino mourning customs are unique in that they blend indigenous superstitions and Roman Catholic beliefs into a culture that both fears and embraces death Life is ultimately a celebration of the time spent with loved ones and friends, and defines the respect garnered by them in return, thus valuing each life lost as a life won Chemicals:
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