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American Political Landscape

No description

Chad Mueller

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of American Political Landscape

What are the “Basic Ingredients of American Political Culture”?
The Vegetables
The following values could be considered the vegetables of the American Political Culture Stew!

Personal Liberty
Political Equality
Popular Consent, Majority Rule & Popular Sovereignty
Civil Society
The Meat
The concept of Individualism could be considered the heaviest portion or the meat of the American Political Culture Stew!

Individualism-political philosophy which stresses the moral worth or importance of the individual.
Heavy emphasis is placed on independence and self-reliance
What is Democracy?
Democracy can be best defined as
A. a government in which political power is vested in the people.
B. a government where a single individual rules.
C. a government where a small group makes the decisions.
What is a political ideology?
Integration Activity 1- Discovering Your Political Ideology


After reading the sections of chapters 1 & 20 regarding the different political ideologies, you might have begun to question your own political ideology. Are you conservative, liberal, libertarian? In this Integration Activity, you will have the opportunity take a political ideology online assessment, report your results, and reflect upon the whole process.

Instructions to complete political ideology assessment

1. Follow the link http://typology.people-press.org/typology/

2. Select “Take the Quiz”.

3. Answer the questions as honestly as you can. Feel free to look up any terms used in the questions that you do not understand.

4. After responding to the questions, select “See Where You Fit”.

Instructions to complete IA1

1. Identify what typology you were categorized as. The possible typologies include: Staunch Conservatives, Main Street Republicans, Libertarians, Disaffecteds, Post-Moderns, New Coalition Democrats, Hard-Pressed Democrats, Solid Liberals, & Bystanders. Read the description of the typology you fell into.

2. Next, answer the following questions after reading your results:

a. Do feel you were placed in the right typology? Read the “Basic Description” and “ Defining Values” of the typology you were placed in and indicate to me whether or not you feel this is an accurate description of you. For instance, if you think the assessment “somewhat” accurate in your placement, explain why. The same is true if you completely agree or disagree with your results. Details=Points!

b. Read the “Who They Are” section. Do you fit in within this description? Copy and paste the description into your activity and then explain why or why not you fit.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
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