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Avian Flu

Global Studies Pd.8/9

Sean Doherty

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Avian Flu

Avian Flu Sean Doherty Mutations in Avian Flu could result in rapid spread of new epidemics, with huge numbers of deaths. The confirmation of China's first human cases follows a series of 11 poultry outbreaks in Feburary 1997. The Chinese government announced it's intention to vaccinate all poultry, estimated at 5.2 billion birds. In 1997 the H5N1 viruse broke out in Hong Kong causing poultry to be killed to reduce the spread of the virus. Virus was isolated from chickens; Avian mortality were high, 1.5 million birds were culled in 3 days from the 2004 breakout of H5N1. Avian Flu caused the death of millions of birds that contain the virus. This disease devastated the poultry industry in China and Asian countries. Birds were killed to prevent the spread of the virus to humans. The first human case was reported in Hong Kong in 1997, 18 people were infected, six of whom died. China's Trade was disrupted with the U.S. on a large scale for over a long period of time, it could have had a sighnificant effect on the U.S. economy but poultry isn't a big import for the U.S. like machinery and electronics. On Feburary 1st there will be an avian Flu awareness day. It will consist in doing community service at local poultry farms to help clean the farm and the living space of the birds to reduce the chance of a H5N1 breakout. It will be held ever year to make the poultry industry more successful and keep birds and human free of H5N1. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences reports that economic losses to the industry could exceed $12 billion.
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