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Uber Entertainment

No description

tala bashawry

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Uber Entertainment

Current & Possible Issues
Action Plan
Uber's Current Analysis
External SWOT Analysis
Development, Marketing & Promotion
Uber Entertainment:
Your one stop app for entertainment

Background & Current Situation: Azi & Meshari
Competitors' Analysis: Calvin
Discussion of Critical Issues: Yasin
Plan of Action: Ayman & Tala

Uber Entertainment
Our vision
of Uber entertainment
of Uber entertainment
Current Issues
Future Issues
• High cost to create and market our own Restaurant reservation system and event ticket service:

• Differentiating entertainment services to other countries based on their own nightlife structure.

• Difficulty in gaining brand recognition from customers to use UBER entertainment


Uber’s Chief technology officer: THUAN PHAM:
Development & design team 3-6 employees

Payment : BrainTree Platform

(About Uber, 2014)

Marketing & Promotion
Emails and pop-up ads to existing users.
Social Media
advertisements that will be showcased in Opentable, Ticketmaster, and SBE websites
Promotions :
$10 off first ticket purchase
Featured restaurant of the day offer
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures

Rides are provided in private automobiles by trained drivers

Accessible vehicles for those with disabilities
24 hours/day 7 days/week

Trips: Las Vegas Experience, Coachella Experience
Internal SWOT Analysis
Partnering with Open Table, Ticketmaster, SBE entertainment
Open Table
Strong management team
Travis Kalanick, CEO
Reputable investors
Customer is boss
Universal approach
Innovative Technology
-Braintree payment processing
-Mobile App
Fair Prices
Based upon city
Fair Splitting
Uber/Uber driver profits
Leader in industry
-customer & driver experience

Strong collaborations
-Toms, GM, Toyota
Heavy Press & Media
-Twitter, Blogs, events
User Friendly
Free rides, discounts
Continuous improvements
-policies, procedures, operations, pricing

SBE Entertainment

o The contract with SBE Entertainment will consist 2 parts:

• The ability to reserve tables or purchase entries
to their nightclubs instantly from the Uber application

• To agree on a commission of 10% for every table reserved,
and 15 % for every entry ticket

(About TicketMaster, 2014)
(About SBE, 2014)
(About Opentable, 2014)
Taxi Companies:
o opposition from taxi and limousine constituents that are threatened by Uber’s growing customer base.
Market Saturation

(Bond-Graham, 2013)
Payment & Pricing
Cashless and convenient
Pay automatically through mobile device
Pricing depends on two primary factors:
Vehicle choice & Location
Pricing structure:
20% + 80%: Drivers : 80% Uber: 20%
No tips

(Griswold, 2014)
(Hausmane, 2013)
The Contract will consist of two sections:

Application accessibility

A Commission for each reservation

How Opentable earns revenue:

Electronic Reservation Book

Opentable Connect

Ticketmaster makes revenue Through

Service Fee:
ranges from $2 to $50

The Contract will consist of three sections:

No signing up

Direct Purchases

Commission for each purchase

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