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West Rehab: A Journey in the Making

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Transcript of West Rehab: A Journey in the Making

West Rehab
West is the Way to Recovery

Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy
Georgia State University
Employed at local hospital

Bachelor's Degree in Journalism
University of Georgia
Employed as Financial Services Rep.
Brian West
Brian, looking to use his education and talents to open a business,, convinced Becky that they should open their own company.

They began to interview physicians in the Savannah area. It was discovered that there was a need for a private practice was established in the Hinesville area.

This would allow patients in Hinesville to have a local clinic, instead of driving into Savannah.
We'd like you to come along for a journey of how West Rehab Services, Inc. has developed and grown over the years into a successful Outpatient Facility offering Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy to over 8 locations.

With over 25 years in business and almost 60 employees averaging over 5 years longevity, the West Rehab team is strong. Brian and Becky know that while coming together is a beginning, staying together ensures success.
West Rehab Hinesville
Opened on May 2, 1990

Becky treated 8 patients, a fairly full day.

Brian ran the office.

Before the end of the year, patients were from:
the county hospital, the 2 area nursing homes, 3 home health agencies, the Liberty County School System, the military hospital at Ft. Stewart, and the local Medicaid sponsored “Babies Can’t Wait” program.
West is a success ...
When the local community Hospital recognized the success of WRSI’s outpatient therapy services, they decided to establish a department of their own, and they contracted with WRSI to oversee the construction and staffing of the department.

Brian, recognizing the potential competitor he was creating, began to diversify by looking to other communities in need of therapy services, and by looking to provide services other than physical therapy, such as occupational therapy and speech therapy.
West Rehab Richmond Hill
Opened in December of 1992

Quickly became as successful as the Hinesville location.

West Rehab's official 2nd location.
Six months later, Brian and his business partner Michael Clements opened the Richmond Hill Fitness Center. The general public was able to purchase a membership and use the West Rehab therapy equipment for general conditioning.

The Fitness Center was never profitable, but was kept open as a community service, educating the general public about the benefits of Physical Therapy.

The Fitness Center was sold in September of 1999, after the YMCA was able to fully establish itself in the Richmond Hill area.
In February of 1993, West Rehab opened in the military hospital in Fort Stewart.

With continued growth, the need for a full time marketing representative was established.

This marketing representative would become a liaison between West Rehab and local Physicians.
West Rehab continues to grow ...
West Rehab in Rincon

Opens in June of 1996

Official 3rd location
Bump in the Road ...
In March of 1998, Rehab Associates of Montgomery, Alabama offered to "buy out" West Rehab.

Over the next 6 months, RA branched from 30 clinics to 68 in the South.

This proved to be too much of a financial strain for RA, and Brian and Becky bought the company back in January of 2000.
In the meantime ...
West Rehab opens it's 4th location in Garden City in November of 1998.

This location stepped out of the box slightly, as it was closer to the Savannah Market than any other location and Industrial Rehab was not offered in any other location, which was this location's primary service.

Previously, the philosophy of West Rehab was to establish locations convenient for patients living far away from Savannah area hospitals.

However, the Wests thought they could do Industrial Medicine better ...
Moving on Up ...
The Garden City location relocated to Pooler in 2005.

This office QUICKLY grew in this ideal location and offered West Rehab the expansion they desired.
West Rehab Hinesville
March of 2010, the new Hinesville location opened.
A newer, bigger, more improved space.
More growth ...
In November of 2000, West Rehab opened it's 5th location on Eisenhower Drive, in Savannah.

This office was opened to comply with HMO contracts established by insurers.

This office was relocated, in 2005, to Market Walk on Hodgson Memorial Drive to accommodate the growth that was happening and to upgrade the facilities.

In 2009, the Wests were given an opportunity to purchase a building in Savannah on 67th street, right in the middle of all of the medical arts buildings ...
West Rehab in Midtown Savannah
In 2010, West Rehab opened the building on 67th street ... surrounded by Candler Hospital, Memorial Hospital, Optim Orthopedics, and Chatham Orthopedics.
Official 5th location.
West Rehab in Pembroke, the 6th location, opened in 2002. This location was only open a couple days a week in a one room treatment area. Over the years, with continued growth in this area, West Rehab Pembroke was able to open full time, 5 days a week and expand into an entire building with a larger gym area with a remodel in 2010.
West Rehab and Island Life ...
In 2004, West Rehab once again expanded, with its 7th location. This time, they took it all the way to Whitemarsh Island.

In 2009, this office moved to the Publix Shopping Center on Highway 80.

In 2014, this clinic consolidated with our Midtown Clinic.
West Rehab is going country ...
Florida/Georgia Line ...
In 2004, two of West's favorite PT's moved to Florida and convinced the Wests to open clinics in Melbourne and Orlando.

Unfortunately, these clinics were not successful and were closed in 2006-2007.
Landing on the Landings ...
In 2006, a Physical Therapist approached West Rehab about purchasing their practice at Skidaway Island.

This was the first PT in Savannah to work for a Physician, joining Southcoast Medical Group.

They developed a strategy to open PT practices in fitness centers, and opened one on their own at Oakridge Fitness Center on Skidaway Island.

West Rehab took over this practice, making it its own 8th location in 2006 ...
West Rehab Skidaway Island
Expanding in 2009 from a fitness reception area and storage closet to this location ...
Official 8th location
2012 brings more expansion ...
West Rehab opens its 9th location, the Berwick clinic, in early 2012, located in the busy shopping center near Kroger.
Also, its 10th location, the Downtown Savannah Clinic opened, located on Liberty Street.
These clinics have now been combined with our newer and improved Pooler Clinic (see next slide).
Our new and improved Pooler
In early 2014, West Rehab relocated its Pooler clinic to a newer and more spacious building. This allowed us to house the referrals from the Berwick and Downtown locations and consolidate our services.

West Rehab offers ...
Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy
(all 3 of the above also provided in school systems)

Wellness and Nutrition Services (personal training, fitness classes, nutrition counseling, yoga)

Industrial Medicine (including on-site services through WorkWell at Georgia Pacific and Coastal Transport, work screenings, Functional Capacity Evaluations, ergonomic evaluations)

We will continue to seek opportunities to expand in the South Georgia Market. We also remain very active in Local Charities.
Brian and Becky West
Proud Owners of West Rehab Services, Inc
What's in store for West Rehab?
West Rehab will continue to grow as a successful Outpatient Service Provider in this area.

Please check out our website: www.westrehab.com

We also have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube account.

Our blog: www.westrehab.com/blog

Thanks for Choosing West!
Becky West
Expansion in 2013
Partnership with Train Me 24/7 - Founded by Drew and Shazi Edmonds, Train Me 24/7 is an award-winning personal training and fitness company located in Savannah, Ga., offering personalized in-home and studio exercise programs designed to accommodate individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

More Expansion in 2014
West Rehab expanded to offer services to patients receiving care from Georgia Foot and Ankle located on Eisenhower Drive in Savannah, Georgia.

West Rehab & Sports Medicine Launches New Company Division, West Works Program offering Functional Job Analyses, Pre-work Screenings, On-site Physical and Occupational Therapy, and Functional Capacity Evaluations/Ratings
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