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Anthem By Ayn Rand Presentation

For English 10

Addie Hippert

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Anthem By Ayn Rand Presentation

Anthem by Ayn Rand
The Story
He lived in the dark ages of the future. In a loveless world he dared to love the woman of his choice. In an age that had lost all trace of science and civilization he had the courage to seek and find knowledge. But these were not the crimes for which he would be hunted. He was marked for death because he had committed the unpardonable sin: he had stood forth from the mindless man herd.
He was a man alone.
The Golden One
The Underground Tunnel
Equality 7-2521
"All men are good and wise. It is only we, Equality 7-2521, we alone who were born with a curse. For we are not like our brothers." (P. 20)
Chapter I
We, Equality 7-2521, were not happy in those years in the Home of the Students. It was not that the learning was too hard for us. It was that the learning was too easy. This is a great sin, to be born with a head which is too quick. It is not good to be different from our brothers, but it is evil to be superior to them. The Teachers told us so, and they frowned when they looked upon us. (P. 21)
"And there it was we saw Liberty 5-3000 walking along the furrows. Their body was straight and thin as a blade of iron. Their eyes were dark and hard and glowing, with no fear in them, no kindness and no guilt. Their hair was golden as the sun; their hair flew in the wind, shining and wild, as if it defied men to restrain it. " (P. 38)
"We do not think of them as Liberty 5-3000 any longer. We have given them a name in our thoughts. We call them the Golden One. But it is a sin to give men names which distinguish them from other men. Yet we call them the Golden One, for they are not like others. The Golden One are not like others." (P. 41)
"So we looked straight upon the Golden One, and we saw the shadows of their lashes on their white cheeks and the sparks of sun on their lips. And we said: 'You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000.' " (P. 42)
Taken from Chapter II
Unmentionable Times
"It is dark here. The flame of the candle stands still in the air. Nothing moves in this tunnel save our hand on the paper. We are alone here under the earth." (P. 17)
"The walls are cracked and water runs upon them in thin threads without sound, black and glistening as blood." (P. 18)
From Chapter I
The "Light" Conflict
The Uncharted Forest
Short Anthem Movie
The Story of Equality 7-2521
Later Known As "Prometheus"
"Tomorrow, in the full light of day, we shall take our box, and leave our tunnel open, and walk through the streets to the Home of the Scholars. We shall put before them the greatest gift ever offered to men...We shall join our hands to theirs, and we shall work together, with the power of the sky, for the glory of mankind." (P. 67)
"Many men in the Homes of the Scholars have had strange new ideas in the past," said Solidarity 8-1164, "but when the majority of their brother Scholars voted against them, they abandoned their ideas,
as all men must." (P. 73)
"We seized our box, we shoved them aside, and we ran to the window. We turned and we looked at them for the last time, and a rage, such as it is not fit for humans to know, choked our voice in our throat. 'You fools!' we cried. 'You fools! You thrice-damned fools." (Pgs. 74-75)
From Chapters VI and VII
The Monster of "WE"
The Power of " I "
"And we came to a stream which lay as a streak of glass among the trees. It lay so still that we saw no water but only a cut in the earth, in which the trees grew down, upturned, and the sky lay at the bottom. We knelt by the stream and we bent down to drink. And then we stopped. For, upon the blue of the sky below us, we saw our own face for the
first time." (Pgs. 79-80)
"Then we took our glass box, and we went on into the forest. We went on, cutting through the branches, and it was as if we were swimming through a sea of leaves, with the bushes as waves rising and falling and rising around us, and flinging their green sprays high into the treetops." (P. 79)
Taken from Chapter VIII
"I AM. I THINK. I WILL. My hands . . . My spirit . . . My sky . . . My forest . . . This earth of mine . . . (P. 94)
"It was when I read the first of the books I found in my house that I saw the word 'I.' And when I understood this word, the book fell from my hands, and I wept, I who had never known tears. I wept in deliverance and in pity for all mankind." (P. 98)
Taken from Chapters XI and XII
Quotes taken from the Book "Anthem" by Ayn Rand
Photos and comics acquired from Google Images
Video Taken From YouTube Titled:
"Ayn Rand's Anthem"
Tagxedo Personally Made at Tagxedo.com
Quotes used taken from Pages 37-39
Song: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons
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