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No description

Gavin Carden

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of FALCON

FALCON PROGRAM Designed by Giancario Niccolai and
was released in 2010. USAGE Translates computer source code to virtual machine instructions for evaluation. HISTORY A small project called HASTE was evolved into Falcon in 2008, but was completed in 2010. STRUCTURE Syntax code for "Hello World":
// International class; name and street
class ( , Straße )
// set class name and street address
= Straße
// Say who am I!
function ()
>@"I am $(self.) from ",self.
// all the people of the world!
= [ ( "Friederich", "" ),
( "Smith Σωκράτης", "Cantù" ),
( "Stanisław Lec", "południow" ) ]

for garçon in : garçon.() Compare/Contrast Falcon is popular and distributed through installers on Mac OS and Windows. References: http://www.alcaweb.org/arch.php/room/5246/area/25946/task/37948
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