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30-60-90 Day Sales Plan

No description

Pierre Thyssen

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan

Day 1-30
Day 31-60
Manage the first 30-days of change, review performance, and ensure all plans for the first 30-days are completed.
Follow-up with other Team Members to address immediate needs to establish a level of trust, communication and sense of strong teamwork.
Create detailed activity plan with standards and metrics to include cold calls, phone calls, appointments, appointments ran and other activities to assure success.
Continue to execute on developed new account penetration strategy and expand on relationships/contacts at the C-suite and Director level
Continue to study and fine tune my product, processes and industry knowledge mastery.
Continue networking and developing relationships with key prospects and OEM Partner contacts.
Develop a solid Vertical Market Plan by identifying the top 3 verticals and the top prospects in each. Begin executing on the plan with cold calls, targeted campaigns and face-to-face visits to the top vertical prospects.
Join and participate in appropriate LinkedIn Groups, trade associations, referral groups and organizations for the top OEMs and the top 3 vertical markets.
Meet the top 20 prospects and close for commitments with every prospect, in every meeting. Eliminate the question of "what keeps you up at night?" and provide solutions on what keeps them up at night
Focus on prospects with the highest growth potential and meet with key influential decision makers at targeted prospects to build pipeline
Meet key influential decision makers within the territory and leverage OEM Partners for leads.
Set goals for next 30-days
Report on progress at the end of the 60-days with Sales Manager and obtain feedback.
Drive results daily!
Day 61-90
Exceed performance expectations
Develop a self focus on success
Institute self-accountability for performance
Growing a substantial opportunity pipeline and begin to win business.
30-60-90 Day Sales Plan Sample
Thank you!
Pierre Thyssen - Client Executive
Cover Letter

Page 1
Page 2
Onboarding - read and understand company policy, meet co-workers, management, support departments and learn culture. Learn corporate systems (CRM, e-mail), - procedures for paperwork, reports, e-mail, etc.
Attend and complete World Wide Technology sponsored training on sales strategy, products, processes, and appetite.
Develop mastery of product knowledge through training, reading and observing others at World Wide Technology.
Meet with Sales Manager to plan the Oklahoma Territory sales strategy for new account penetration and prioritize what is expected of me, within a specified time, establish measurable goals, and appropriate sales cycle.
Meet with Sales Team to get to know them, become familiar with World Wide Technology sales processes, and strengths/weaknesses. Use time with Sales Team to determine a business plan that ensures our products are getting the proper exposure; discuss successes, challenges and competitive threats in the market place. Identify target accounts and together establish a game plan to exceed goals.
Collaborate with Sales Team for territory campaigns, mailings, outbound activities, etc., and includes the planning and execution of an introductory networking/social event in Tulsa and Oklahoma City during the first 60-days.
Meet with corporate resources to better understand how their respective discipline can help you be successful.
Find a company mentor and speak to other successful peers in this role who can pass on valuable suggestions and best practices. Spend a week with a field mentor assigned by my Sales Manager.
Develop profile for the top 30 prospects in the territory using research form available resources.
Identify primary competitors, their offerings and strategies.
Identify and reach out to primary OEM Partner Reps (Cisco, EMC, HP, etc.) and their team.
Identify top priorities and opportunities in the territory, immediately begin to generate quality leads for the top 10 prospects by potential and visit as many of these top prospects as possible.
Immediately build upon my existing relationships and contacts, ask them to commit to using me in my new role.
Set goals for next 30-days
Report on progress at the end of the 30-days with Sales Manager and obtain feedback.
Drive results daily!
90-Day Objectives
Exceed performance expectations, develop a self focus on success and institute self-accountability for performance.
Onboarding - meet co-workers, management, support departments and learn culture. Learn company systems, procedures for paperwork, reports, e-mail, and etc.
Leverage start-up experience, entrepreneurial attitude and relationships to reduce time to impact new territory.
Target 20 key prospects, immediately begin to generate quality leads, and, get in front of prospects as soon as possible.
Learn target market and prospects as currently positioned by World Wide Technology.
Begin generating opportunity pipeline and close business.
Heavy professional networking and building valuable relationships with executive and decision making managers at targeted clients.
Oklahoma Prospects
Oklahoma Prospects
Analyze the first 60-day activity metrics and performance results and adjust levels if necessary.
Collaborate with Sales Team to assess strengths and weaknesses of the territory, develop sales strategies to defend against competitive threats, brainstorm for creative ways to get prospects attention in the field, and actively develop creative and resourceful strategies for obtaining meetings with hard to reach prospects.
Continue to execute sales strategy, develop relationships and leverage leads with OEM Partner contacts, and expand mastery of product, processes, and industry knowledge.
Continue to increase level of contact and feet on the street activities with top prospects and better understand areas of dissatisfaction with competitors to better position the value of World Wide Technology.
Focus on developing relationships with high-priority prospects and determine which ones require additional attention and continue to generate pipeline opportunities.
Begin closing opportunities in pipeline from previous 60-days and identify prospects that will present sales opportunities in the next 30, 60, 90 days.
Pull together everything I have found out about the prospects, competition, territory market environment and their view of World Wide Technology and its products and develop a SWOT analysis.
Begin to establish a Long Term Sales Plan which includes setting higher goals for six months and one year.
Report on progress at the end of the 90-days with Sales Manager and obtain feedback.
Drive results daily!
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