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Hope Solo

the life of hope solo


on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Hope Solo

*Born July 30,1981 in Richland, Washington H O P E S O L O *Currently lives in Richland, Washington S O C C E R P L A Y E R Married to football star Jerramy Stevens *NO KIDS *Has a half brother named David. Majored in Speech and communication and has a bachelors degree. She graduated college and now plays professional soccer today. What did she Major in?? University of Washington Mascot: Huskies University of Washington PURPLE WHITE *Founded in 1890 *Located in Seattle, Washington * It is a public school. Autumn Enrollment 2010-2011 2005-2006 2000-2011 undergraduate Graduate professional Total $35,201 $31,086 $28,691 $11,911 $10,540 $8,835 $1,934 $1,802 $1,724 $49,046 $43,428 $39,250 Admission Requirements *SAT or ACT
*GPA/Standardized test
*Application Essay
*Extracurricular Activities On campus Off Campus At home Tuition and cost Room and Board Books and Supplies Personal Expenses Transportation Total $29,983 $9,969 $1,035 $2,265 $414 $43,666 $29,983 $29,983 $9,771 $3,318 $1,035 $1,035 $2,265 $2,265 $1,296 $414 $44,350 $37,015 Programs Offered *Green Architecture, Urban Planning, and Enviormental studies/Science programs are highly regarded and high up there/the top in America History of Washington *1830-1859
*Chief si'ani signs treaty of point Elliot. Lewis and Clark enter Washington
*Law school starts with one Instructor.
*UW greek system
*Klondike gola rush
*Donald Bren ' SG
*Rescuing lake Washington She is famous because she has won 3 gold olympic medals on the USA women's olympic soccer team. She is using her degree in speech and communication on and off the field. For example when she has to be around her fans and other teams everyday. She knows how to be open minded with everyone around her and she knows how to stay confident through everything. Bibliography *U.S. Department of Education. "College Search - University of Washington - U-Dub." University of Washington. National Center for Education Statistics, n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. *Academic Advising. "List of Majors." UW Advising -. Mission Statement for Academic Advising, Nov. 2007. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. HOPE SOLO By: Ashleigh Mateo & Rozelinda Rameriez "LET THERE BE LIGHT" OR ''LUX SIT'' *The Daily. "But What Does It Mean?" The Daily. N.p., 25 May 1999. Web. 15 Feb. 2013
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