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How do businesses Add Value?

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Pravin Mohanathas

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of How do businesses Add Value?

Fundraisers & Events
Businesses like Adidas need to carry on adding value to their products so that they can keep on making profit. Adding value also means that they would stand out from other competitive sports brands like Nike. In this presentation, I will be showing you some of the methods Adidas use to add value to their products.
Pricing is another way Adidas add value to their products. We all know that Adidas products are premium, even the company themselves know. Adidas knew that customers would leave them if their products are too expensive, so they had a clever way to hold onto their customers and this by sending out vouchers. This is a way Adidas add value as they are keeping their regular customers as well as bringing new customers in. Even though they are selling their products cheaper due to vouchers, they would still be increasing their profits in long terms.
Advertising is one of the ways Adidas add value to their products. They make their advertisements look interesting to the consumer's eyes. This then influences the consumers to buy their new products. In return, the company receives more profit as well as attention meaning that they are getting more popular every second that goes by.
For Adidas, improving the quality of their materials used or improving the designs of their products to make it look more modern counts as developments. Improving even a small part of their product make the regular customers want to buy the improved product.
Through Adidas held events and Adidas held fundraisers they are able to show people that their business can do things for others. This allows the Brand's image to rise against its competitors as well as attract new customers to buy their products.
Pravin Mohanathas
How do Businesses Add Value?
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There are many more ways Adidas and any other businesses can add value. All these added values will have countless positives for the business it self as well as for the Stakeholders. For example, shareholders will be happy due to them earning more money than before. Even the suppliers because they would be getting more orders from the company, which means their own profit would increase.
Thank You For Listening!
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