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Social project: "Training workshops for mothers of Calasanz school student"

"Training workshops in computing, management concepts and life project.

Ana Prada

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Social project: "Training workshops for mothers of Calasanz school student"

Training workshops in informatics, business managment & life proyect. Ana Prada Páez. Social project: "Mamita tu vales" Outline About the project

Brief of the project


Why is strategic thinking important

How we have used the tools of strategic thinking

Conclusion About the project - Who are in the team
- Who is our customer?
- Who are the user?
- Where are we doing the project?
- When?
- Why we choose this project? Brief of the project - What are we doing?
Training workshop in:
Informatics, business management and life project
"Develop a program in the neighborhood Buenos Aires, that affects to 7% the Calasanz school student mothers, during 3
months giving useful
knowledge and interest" Why is strategic thinking important in social projects - Clarity of objectives - Identify stages of the project - Know what resources we have and what we get - Task clarity
- Feasibility of measuring our management - Effectiveness
- Change management - Problem solving - Applicability - Cost of use (learning curve) - Quality
- Risk management. Metodology - PMI ---> Pmbok (PM body of knowledge) How do we have used the tools of strategic thinking Strategic planning formulation
Implementation and Evaluation Conclusion The important of planning

Develop or important capabilities such as flexibility and innovation

Strategy thinking in social project is very useful to to meet goals About PMI - What it is?
- What pursues?
- The EDT
- Integrating knowledge areas:
Integration, scope, time, cost, quality, teamwork, communication, risk and procurement
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