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Back to School Night

Parent info about classroom

Traci Olszewski

on 19 August 2012

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Transcript of Back to School Night

About me Back to school Night I am a 2007 graduate from Shippensburg University.
I have a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.
I am also certified to teaching middle school math and early childhood. I am married and have two children and three step-children. Wish List Discpiline Plan After 2 warnings, their
frog moves to green.

Once they are off the pond,
they can't go back on.
They will remain on
green so you are aware
their behavior required
3 warnings and did not
improve on their
own. If their behavior still doesn't
stop or improve, they will be
moved to yellow.
Once they have been moved
beyond green, they may
move back one color
if their behavior
improves. Red is the last color. If
they continue past red,
they will be sent to the
principal, serve in
detention, or the
guidance counselor
may be called. At this
point, they may
have to
call home. Some behaviors require the immediate attention of the principal or guidance counselor. This includes, but not limited to, fighting,
bullying, or using inappropriate language. Rules
1. Respect Self and Others
2. Achieve Excellence
3. Make Good Choices
4. Stay Safe All students start the day with their
frog on the pond. They will get 2 warnings to stop a behavior or
consequences will follow. RRC/Book It Each month if your child reads a book that is NOT a homework assignment,
they will qualify for the RRC (Reading Ram Challenge) ram block. For each ram block they earn, their name will be entered into a drawing for a prize.
During the Book It months (October to March), if they read 17 books, they will aslo receive a coupon
for a free personal pan pizza from
Pizza Hut. Specials Counseling - Day 1
PE/Health - Day 2
Library - Day 3
PE/Health - Day 4
Art - Day 5
Music - Day 6 Volunteers I encourage anyone to volunteer if you can.
I will try and work with your schedule as
much as possible.
There will be 2 times this year that I will need volunteers for parties:
Stone Soup Feast
Holiday Party in December

If you would like to volunteer to accompany students on field trips you will need to get the following:
Child Abuse Clearance
Criminal Record Check There are always items I need donated to the classroom. If you feel led to donate items it would be greatly appreciated. Items to Donate

Glue Sticks
Sticky Notes
For a complete list please view my web page
http://www.carlisleschools.org/webpages/brunnert/ Mrs. Olszewski Reading, Writing, Math,
Social Studies, and Science

We will spend the majority of our day focusing on reading and math. We will also work on writing, handwriting, social studies, and science as well. Thank you for coming! There are two levels on the green lily pad.
After 2 warnings a student will move to the first level and owe 5 minutes of recess. If poor choices continue, students will be moved to the second level of green and owe 10 minutes of recess. If a student moves to yellow, they owe their entire recess. At this point, with good choices, they can earn their way back to the green lily pad. Book Orders

I will be sending home book orders.
Every book you order earns points for the classroom library. If you order online, the classroom recieves extra bonuses. Attached to the book order form is the information you need to place an order.
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