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How to

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Nojoud Al Mallees

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of How to

Ho to

Creating an Effective Prezi Presentation
is about attention to layout, flow and aesthetics. A good prezi is organized to convey information to the audience efficiently in addition to being visually pleasing.
Frames serve as placeholders for the content of your prezi. They are the "slides" that the prezi software will zoom in on as you move through the presentation.
The path of your prezi will determine the order of the frames. It is important that the path is easy to follow for the audience.
Now that you know how to create your prezi...
Here are some tips and tricks that will help you make your prezi engaging and effective for your audience.
The first step is to create an account on prezi.com if you do not already have one. You may choose to create a public, a pro or a team account. A public account is free and allows the user to create and present online.
A new prezi can be started after your account is made by clicking New Prezi.
To add text to your presentation, simply select the frame that you want the text to appear in and double click anywhere in that frame for a text box to appear.
Create an Effective
The goal is to keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation.
After choosing a public account on prezi.com, this screen will allow you to make the free account.
Now you can begin making a prezi.
From there you will be brought to this screen where you may select your template of choice or search for a specific template.
To add a frame, click the add frame button in the top left corner of the screen.
You may choose between a circular, rectangular, invisible or a bracket shaped frame.
Frames can be selected and placed anywhere on the canvas.
The path is found at the left side panel. You may scroll down the path to view the order of the frames. To change the order, simply drag and drop the frames in the order you need them to be in.
The text box will have options for the text to act as a title, subtitle or body paragraph. Size, colour and alignment may also be chosen.
Size may be adjusted here
Colour may be chosen here
To add a photo or a video, click on the insert button at the top of the screen.
Clicking the insert button will allow a menu to drop down with the option to add an image or video.
To add an image, select image for the option to upload an image from your computer or to search Google for an image on the right side panel of your screen.
To add a video, select From File to choose a video from
your computer or Youtube video to embed one from Youtube. If embedding from Youtube, you will type in the URL of the video.
1. Have a plan

3. Use Prezi to tell a story
6. Use invisible frames
Now you can create your own!
Create a rough sketch or outline of how you want the information to be organized in the prezi before you make it.
4. Don't overcrowd
It is important not to overcrowd your prezi with too much text, too many images or too many frames. It is best to do the minimum to get the information across and add more as you go along if needed.
5. Make transitions smooth
Do not overdo rotations or place path points long distances apart in order to keep your transitions smooth and avoid disorienting the audience.

Choose a template accordingly
Decide on your template early and stick with it as the theme will affect the display of text and frames within your presentation.
Make use of invisible frames to organize and zoom in on information without the added clutter of Prezi's other frame types.
7. Stick to one topic per slide
If you want to emphasize an idea, give it a full slide.
Treat prezi like a spatial narrative that utilizes space to tell a story. Organize the visuals and content within your prezi in a meaningful way for the audience.
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