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Digital PR

No description

Professioni del Web

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital PR

Digital PR
Strumenti & Case Study
- Monitor yourself
1) Write using a newsworthy angle
It doesn’t matter how clever you are at manipulating digital tools and channels, without the vital content that piques the interest of a journalist or blogger, which he or she thinks will make a compelling story or insight for his or her readers / community, you’ve got nothing to go on.
Founder Professioni del Web,
CEO Appluego,
Docente & Coordinatore Sole24Ore Business School
Giulio Xhaët
How social media has changed the PR game
- Recognize stories by local and national journalists
- Keep an eye on your competitors
How to write a
Social Media friendly Press Relase:
2) Use a descriptive headline, and limit it to 80 characters or fewer
3) Don’t embed multimedia elements
Instead of embedding a video or photo, publish it somewhere on your own website and link to it in the release
Emerging Social Networks you can't miss
"an extension of Twitter"
an iPhone app that promises anonymity
Deviant Art
the largest social network for artists and art enthusiasts
images help drive viral posts for brands
Digital PR Tools
- Send a quick congrats to a friend or business partner
Know your network
No, PR does not look like advertising...
... to the contrary, marketing looks more like PR
It happens because consumers are tired of interruption marketing
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction plus a social media overreaction
Because, if it's not on the internet, it didn't happen.
Better research
New relationship-building opportunities
Bypass (some) gatekeepers
Strengthened Position
Customer Feedback
Closer Connections
Regular Updates
for Business
Journalists are more tech savvy than ever
81% of journalists are on Twitter, with 75% of them using it for work.
91% of journalists believe their reliance on social media has increased.
80% of journalists believe their newsrooms encourage the use of social media.
89% of journalists research story ideas on blogs.
Case Studies
You need a good story.
is at the root of what we pitch in to media outlets.
Great creative content
Useful Tips
That’s just use and abuse. But a genuine interest in who they are, what they are trying to do, and how you can help each other out and satisfy both your objectives.
Relationships with media and bloggers.
The core skills and approaches are untainted by the digital age:
Not just talking to them when you have something to sell in.
A fundamental part of the PR work remains unchanged, building relationships with those we want to pitch stories to. Fully understanding their beat, remit, interests and the types of stories and blog posts that they will write / produce.
engaging e socializzazione con blogger e trendsetter
Nissan's approach
"interaction, not transaction"
Disney Pixar
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