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The Importance of Reading in English Learning

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Juancho Vilchez

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Importance of Reading in English Learning

The Importance of Reading in English Learning
What is reading?
What factors are important in learning English?
The necessity of reading
•Reading can help us develop our interest
People should be encouraged to do more reading in English. Reading English books, Then people can realize how English is used in reality by reading.
•Reading can improve our Intelligence
If a person master the English reading skills and form a good reading habit, she or he can master English forever.

Tips to improve you reading skills
A. You don't have to be a great reader to get the point
B. Know why you're reading
C. Optimize your reading environment
D. Once you start, don’t stop
E. Focus
F. Practice
By Juan Vílchez and Sarah Calero
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