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Attack On Titan

AOT, Its an Anime (Best show ever)

Luis Segura

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan
AOT (ATTACK ON TITAN for short) Is one of the best anime ever

Eren Yeager the main character in the show he can turn into a titan as you can see in my first slide. The first time he turned into a titan was when he got eaten by a titan he transformed and blasted out of the titan
One of eren's close friends she cannot turn into a titan but she is a good titan slayer. The 2 most best Kills or (ALMOST KILLS) 1 was The abnormal titan he ran the weirdest way. The other one was the female titan she didnt let her get over the wall she almost merged with Eren
Annie is a MP (Military Police) she is also known for turning into a titan she is also called the female titan Eren and Annie nearly merge together in the fight of the last 2 episodes.
Levi is the most skilled person, He sliced The female titan to let Eren Free. Most people like this character
Renier, (WARNING SPOILER ALERT)is also know as the armored titan. Amazing Right? Reiner in the show was not revealed as the armored titan but in the manga it cleary shows that Reiner is the Armored titan. Its Easy to tell which is which in titan form, the hair is linked to the human form. The armored titan's hair is very similar to Reiner's hair.
Colassal Titan
(SPOILER WARNING) The colassal titan has a human form. I cant remember his name but this is him. In the Manga it shows that this person is the colassal titan.
The AOT theme. COOL RIGHT?
OST stands for Original Sound track. This is my favorite AOT soundtrack its very amazing.
Goodbye, Hope you like my prezi!
Me when i was 9.
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