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Radiology Final Presentation

Jessica Braaten

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Radiology

Radiology :) By: Jessica Braaten What is a Radiologist?? a physician who has
specialized training
in obtaining and
interpreting medical
images. They are imaging experts Radiologists use xrays,
CT scans, ultrasound,
fluoroscopy, MRIs, and
nuclear medicine to obtain these images. 1.2% of all physicians
specialize in radiology Radiologists may also
treat diseases by means
of radiation, or minimally
invasive, image guided,
surgery. After recieving their
degree many radiologists
continue to specialize in a
radiology subspecialty. How about Schooling?? Time for the
Subspecialties! Breast Imaging Cardiovascular Chest Emergency Gastrointestinal Genitourinary Head and Neck Musculoskeletal Neuroradiology Pediatric Interventional Nuclear Radiation Oncology High School Graduate Recieve a Medical
Degree from an
accredited medical
school Pass a licensing
examination One year of internship Four years of residency Subspecialty studies Salary & Work Hours! Starting salary is around $80, 000 Once experience is gained salary can get up to $250, 000 Experts in this field make up to $450,000 per year! Many radiologists choose to work 2-3 days a week, and take the rest of the time off to spend with their families, meaning they have a good work-life balance. Some radiologists choose to work full time, and recieve vacations and are not on call when they are off work. Dr. Julie Pressley I had the chance to shadow and interview Dr. Pressley! Here is what I found out... She works as a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging. Dr. Pressley attended UGA, but then transferred to North Georgia College. As for medical school, she went to The Medical College of Georgia! As for her daily routine, she sits in a dark office most of the day, and the radiology techs bring her the images to look at. The room is filled with about 8 computers, and she uses the technology to diagnose the patients. After the diagnosis she records all of her findings using a voice recorder to keep up with all of her cases. When she has down time she likes to read over her anatomy book that is "always by her side." She says she is constantly learning new things, and adjusting to the new technology that people are creating. And no worries! Dr. Pressley still has plenty of time to spend with her husband and two sons! She starts the workday at 7 am with a team of 8 other doctors (all men, including her brother in-law) Dr. Pressley leaves at around 5 or 6 each night. She travels between the Imaging center in Gainesville and in Braselton. And as for me... After graduating I would like to attend either Valdosta State or North Georgia College. Then off to Medical School! My top choices are Medical College of Georgia and Mayo Medical College in Minnesota. After earning my MD I plan on specializing in pediatric radiology. While in school I would like to have a job in a hospital, possibly as a radiology tech. I would like to return to Gainesville to work at the Imaging Center or work at Scottish Rite in Atlanta. total schooling: 9-11 years
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