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ONE Direction

if you are like me and LOVE ONE DIRECTION this explains more about them so if you are a true directioner then read more on the five guys you love!!

carly caudill

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of ONE Direction

Liam Payne
harry styles
one direction
niall horan
Louis tomlinson

Louis William Tomlinson was born on christmas eve 1991.His family is sisters charrlotte and felicete twins phobe and daisy and newest sister doris and her twin brother ernest he also has a half sister georgia on his dad side which is 7 younger sibilings. He plays futbol for the doncaster rovers in the uk he is #28 and is a defender. His favorite color is red. If he was a fsn he said he would like harry the best. Louis once asked his mom when she was pregnant if she loved the baby in her tummy she said yes then he asked then why did you swallow it. Louis said on an interview that he likes girls who eat carrots.
Niall James horan was born on september 13,1993.He has one brother Gregg.Unfortuanatly nialls parents divorced when he was five he chose to live with his dad untill he gets married someday.He cares about his family alot he used all the money he made to by his mom a new car.he is now a uncle to a wonderful nephew named theadore horan. Niall is also very good friends with Ashton Irwin from five seconds of summer as they bonded over the where we are tour. Some of his hobbies are sports visiting family talking to the 5sos guys over skype. Niall's natural hair color is actually brown he dyes his hair blonde. He has been dyeing his hair since 12. But has said he wishes he could get his natural hair color back.
Harry Edward Styles who was born on febuary 1,1994.he has one sister Gemma and his parents are Anne Cox and Desmond Styles
by:Carly Caudill
Zayn malik

Niall Horan With nephew Theadore Horan
louis and eleanor callder
Harry Styles and his mom Anne Cox!
Liam And his dog Loki<3
Zayn Malik and girlfriend Perrie Edwards<3<3<3
1d quotes

Niall with the boys of Five Seconds Of Summer
Left to right:calum hood,luke hemmings,niall horan,ashton irwin,and michael clifford.
Niall with his family
Niall With Ariana Grande
one direction
One direction is made up five british/irish boys named Louis Tomlinson,Zayn Malik,Liam Payne,Nial Horan,and last but not least Harry Styles. alsothey recently were at the 2014 AMA's they sang there hit song Night Changes,they also took home three AMA awards for best pop-rock band,Favorite album,and the biggest award of the night Artist of the year.
The funny one direction facts and photos
When harry got his first tatoo zayn had to hold his hand
How They Have Changed
When they first started
As most of us directioners know on march 25, 2015 Zayn officially is no longer amember of our favoriteband one direction
One Direction without zayn
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