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On-Campus Recruitment Orientation (Online Module)

No description

UCLA Career Center

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of On-Campus Recruitment Orientation (Online Module)

Career Center Presents
On- Campus Recruitment (OCR)

Employers come to UCLA to interview through Career Center for internships and full-time positions
OCR Program
Employers are typically large organizations in mainstream industries and have different recruiting schedules
Positions are posted on BruinView™
and interviews are held at the Career Center -
3rd Floor
Overview of OCR
Navigating BruinView™ Process
Student Responsibilities
The Resume
The Interview
Job Search Resources
Resume Books
Opportunity Lists
Other Resources
Career Fairs and Networking Events
Career Center Same-day Appointments
Your Network
Job Search Websites
Career Guide
The "Jump Start" Series
Career Lab/ Library
Navigating the OCR Program Through BruinView™
The BruinView™ Home Page
There are three points to keep in mind when applying to OCR Positions
Make sure your profile is up-to-date
Remember to upload your resume
Make sure to choose OCR positions when applying
Important for
OCR Search!!!
Remember to carefully read all Information Given
Additional Applications
Job and Company Descriptions
Screening Criteria
Schedule details and deadlines
Required documents
Frequently check BruinView™ to see the status of your applications.
You will only be notified through BruinView™ (Interview Tab), and will schedule interviews there
As a Bruin, I commit myself to the highest ethical standards
Integrity -
I conduct myself with integrity in my dealings with and on behalf of the University.

Excellence –
I conscientiously strive for excellence in my work.

Accountability –
I am accountable as an individual and member of this community for my ethical conduct.

Respect –
I respect the rights and dignity of others.
Joe Bruin
501 Westwood Plaza • Los Angeles, CA 90095 • 310-555-5555 jbruin@ucla.net
Student Responsibilities

To represent themselves and their institution in a
professional manner, whether in person, over the phone and/or virtually
To use their BruinView™ account only for their own individual use and recognize it’s exclusivity for their personal job search
To accept an offer only after careful consideration and to honor professional commitments 

To report an accepted job offer to the Career Center within 1 business day of accepting that offer and immediately forfeit their ability to continue participating in the OCR Program
All students participating in OCR program have the following responsibilities
To present accurate information throughout the recruitment process
Student Responsibilities
To do an appropriate amount of research on employing organizations and employment opportunities throughout the interview/recruiting process

To target positions through the OCR program and accept invitations to interviews only when having serious interest in those hiring organizations
Student Responsibilities
To honor all OCR interviews.  Late cancellations - less than two full business days prior to the scheduled interview - or no-shows will result in the loss of interview privileges
Interviews must be canceled through BruinView > Interviews Tab
Students should not cancel first-round interviews to attend 2nd round interviews
Employers are instructed to give at least three days notice for 2nd round interviews
Legitimate Emergencies
Contact the Career Center ASAP at
(310) 206-1902
Provide complete details

Meet with a Career Center Manager to discuss the situation.
Make sure to provide documentation
Student Responsibilities
To understand ethical behavior and that reneging after accepting an offer is unacceptable
Student Responsibilities
Employers are instructed to give students a minimum of two weeks to make a decision on an offer of full time or internship employment
Rejecting an offer after having previously accepted (reneging), for any reason, is a serious recruiting violation and is subject to serious repercussions
Transfer Student GPA's
Students must document the separate GPA’s on the resumes they submit to employers, and also have copies of their transcripts (unofficial OK) in their Documents section of BruinView™
The employer does not ask specifically for “UCLA GPA”
It is acceptable for transfer students to accurately calculate their combined GPA’s on their BruinView™ profile under the following conditions:
The Resume
Research, strategize and customize!
Your resume is important! “Ticket” to interview and first assignment for employer
No exact “right” way to write resume
Career Center Resources
Career Guide "Chapter 5"
Same-day counseling appointments – live resume critique
On-line resume critiques – accessed at career.ucla.edu
Career Lab/Library
“The Jumpstart Series” Workshops
The Resume
Key Formatting Tips
Make sure grammar, spelling, language and other details are accurate
Use a concise and consistent format
Don’t use a resume template
Tailor your resume – don’t use the same generic version for each position
Create distinctive look – bullets, boldface, capitals, etc.
Don’t use graphics, bright colors or fancy lettering
Guide Lines To Crafting Your Resume
Appropriate Email address
The Interview
Pre- Interview: Research!
Organization and Position
Products, services, clients, competitors, culture, etc.
Google current events
Understand the position you are pursuing – duties, requirements, department, etc.
How You Fit with Them
Education, experience, knowledge, skills, attributes, etc.
Your interest and unique fit for their organization specifically
Your career purpose, plans and goals
Details and Logistics of the Interview
Time, place, format, etc.
Pre-Interview: Prep & Practice!
Career Center Resources:
Career Guide
Career Lab/Library
“The Jumpstart Series” Workshops
Career Center Mock Interviews:
Register on BruinView™ >Events and Workshops
Or sign up for counseling on BruinView™ >Make a Counseling Appointment
Friends, Family, Video, Etc.
Relax and be confident
Be rested
Dress appropriately (business formal, unless instructed otherwise by employer)
Bring extra copies of your resume - on bond paper - ideally in a portfolio or other professional-looking carrying file
Arrive 10 minutes early – do not be late!
Be polite to everyone
Introduce yourself – good handshake, eye contact, and smile
Interview Day
Ask employer what the next steps are in the interview process
Request business card(s) – for thank you note(s)
Shake hands with everyone and convey your appreciation
Send a thank you email or card within 24 hours!
Evaluate the interview
Remember Our

Career Lab/Library
Career Guide
Career Counseling Services
For full time offers extended after summer internships, employers are instructed to give students until Nov. 1st to make a decision
Detailed OCR User Guidelines:
Career Center website link:
Handouts available at Orientations and the Career Center 2nd floor reception area
UCLA True Bruin
Case Study
Trudy Bruin, a junior communications major, has had a successful OCR experience for summer internships. She has offers from two local, mid-sized marketing firms, each of them giving her the standard two-week period to make a decision. After attending a recent networking event, though, she has become very interested in a large, multinational public relations firm. They expressed preliminary interest in her, but their interviews do not begin for three more weeks. As there are no guarantees, Trudy is thinking about accepting one of the offers in hand, but still pursuing the more preferred PR internship. Is this ethical? How should she handle this situation?
Joe Bruin
501 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90095 310-555-5555 jbruin@ucla.net
Management Experience
An internship position in management consulting, utilizing my strong analytical, organizational, and communication skills”
Bachelor of Arts in Education Expected Graduation June 20XX
G.P.A.: 3.46
Relevant Coursework: Elementary Accounting, Statistics, Business Writing, Research Methods, and an independent research project
Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access
Languages: Fluent in Spanish; Conversational in Japanese
Program Coordinator
Trained 15 new volunteers to work with at-risk elementary school children
Wrote, compiled and edited a 20 page manual for training volunteers
Expanded the program to include five additional elementary schools
Began as volunteer; selected for promotion to Program Coordinator

SANDS FURNITURE, Santa Monica, CA April 20XX - September 20XX
Assistant Manager
Schedule and supervise a staff of seven employees
Increased sales volume by 25% in just six months
Joined firm as sales associate; rapidly promoted to Assistant Manager

Joe Bruin
501 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095 • 310-555-5555 • jbruin@ucla.net
Additional Experience
THOMAS TEMPORARIES, INC., Sherman Oaks, CA January 20XX - June 20XX
Office Assistant
Provided clerical support for several large corporate offices and law firms
Enhanced administrative skills and became proficient in the use of computers
Received several offers for permanent employment based on performance
Heading should be distinctive but not too large
Appropriate Email address
Optional Section
Include GPA if 3.0 or higher
Include specific degree (BA, MA, PhD) and expected graduation date
List computer applications and/or other specific “hard skills” that are relevant
Include any foreign language ability
Include the position, employer, location, and dates of employment – starting with most recent and working backwards
Include relevant experience (paid, internship or volunteer)
May have separate sections to highlight most relevant experience

information must be up to date and reported accurately
Upload resumes through "Documents" tab
Initial Resume must be uploaded and approved to activate other document -
initial document
Choose what type of job you want to search for from the drop down menu
Contact information on top
Use “Action Verbs” as well as “Keywords”
Use bulleted format to highlight transferable skills and accomplishments – qualify and quantify
Thank You,
and Best Wishes

Non-OCR Job Posting
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