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The Lack of Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

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angel gonzalez

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of The Lack of Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

of Labeling
Genetically Modified

Angel Gonzalez
Genetically Modified Foods?
Genetically Modified Foods is messing around with the Plants DNA.
What is DNA Replication?
DNA replication is the making of an exact copy of the DNA strand.
Relating DNA Replication to Genetically Modify Foods
To genetically modify a plant, you first need to make an exact copy of the DNA strand.
But Why?
Scientists do this so the plants can grow ,sometimes, without water and soil.
Transcription & Translation
Is when information from a single gene is copied to mRNA
Is when a ribosome reads an mRNA message and makes a protein.
How does it relate?
By the protein that is made, its making the plant live without water.
The Lack of labeling
it doesn't allow people to see if it is genetically modified.
want their to food to be organically made.
Why We are Against it?
it is not organic
can cause health or environmental problems
risk factors causing allergies and other unknown side affects
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