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Norman Foster

No description

D. D.

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Norman Foster

Norman Foster Life Style and influences Projects Norman Foster + Partners 1935 Manchester Yale 1961 London 1963 1951 1951-55 1956-61 1964-65 TEAM4 ARCHITECTS 1965 70s 80s 90s "Rudolph created a studio atmosphere which was highly creative, competitive and fuelled by a succession of visiting luminaries." N.F 1990 Sir Norman Foster 1999 Lord Norman Foster 1999 Pritzker Prize 1955-56 RIBA PRIZE 1958 Reliance Controls, Swindon Manchester School of Architecture FOSTER ASSOCIATES FOSTER AND PARTNERS 1983 RIBA Royal Gold Medal Influences Technology Sustainability Light Context Information Materials and environmental research
Product design
Space planning
Interior design
Visualisations Model making
3D computer modelling
Information Centre
Training Department
Contract Department
Construction Department
Business Development Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Norwich 1974-1978 Willis Faber & Dumas Headquarters
Ipswich 1971-1975 Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Headquarters
Hong Kong 1979- 1986 Reichstag, New German Parliament
Berlin 1992-1999 Commerzbank Headquarters
Frankfurt 1991-1997 2011 FOSTER + PARTNERS DESIGN REVIEW Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Headquarters
Hong Kong1979- 1986 Willis Faber & Dumas Headquarters
UK1971- 1975 Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
UK 1974- 1978 Renault Distribution Centre
UK 1980- 1982 Torre de Collserola
Spain 1988- 1992 Stansted Airport
UK 1981- 1991 Carré d'Art
France 1984- 1993 City Hall, London
UK 1998- 2002 Millau ViaductBridge
France1993- 2004 Reichstag, New German Parliament
Germany1992- 1999 Great Court at the British Museum
UK1994- 2000 Masdar Development
United Arab Emirates 2007 Beijing Airport
China 2003- 2008 Chesa Futura
Switzerland 2004 Hearst Tower
USA2000- 2006 Masdar Development
Abu Dhabi 2007 Beijing Airport
Beijing 2003-2008 ... Vitra - Airline Seating System
1997 Tecno - Kite Chair
1987 Tecno - Nomos Desking System
1987 Motoryacht
1995 YachtPlus 40 Signature Series Boat Fleet
2009 Dymaxion Car reconstruction
2010 information revolution research body of knowledge Swiss Re HQ, 30 St Mary Axe
London 1997-2004 FOSTER ASSOCIATES Foster + Partners (2011). Retrieved June 2011, from http://www.fosterandpartners.com/
Quantrill, M. (2000). The Norman Foster Studio. Taylor & Francis.
Verlag, P. (2005). Catalogue Foster and Partners. Prestel.

Special Thanks to Prof. Christine Kappei and Leon Chomicz
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