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prezi oh how i hate the

No description

Brandon Carlson

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of prezi oh how i hate the

New Features Prezi How I Hate thee!! came to life in 2007 3D Backgrounds Prezi Vs. PowerPoint Will likely continue to slowly add new features Prezi's Future In October of last year, server issues caused a problem that made prezi users unable to access their presentations for 2 hours Prezi Problems We think PowerPoint is still easier to use and has more options Sites: Founders: In the last four years it has became more globally used Peter Arvai, Peter Halacsi, and Adam Somlai-Fischer Prezi uses a map layout Can store presentations on Prezi's website In powerpoint you can add transitions, you can't in Prezi. Cannot use Control Z function in prezi like you can in PowerPoint Prezi is in the cloud, powerpoint must be installed on your computer, so you don't need software for Prezi. Prezi has very little animation selections Most presentations are unable to make use of the layout properly All the rotations and flips going frame to frame can be confusing and can actually give you motion sickness Generally few options compared to PowerPoint Won't work as well if you have a slow internet connection Spell Check Screen Blackout Importing From PowerPoint Fade-In Animation Hopefully they will add the ability to add transitions within frames Likely to gain popularity if new features are added, but will likely lose popularity over time if they don't add many new features Some people think that Prezi is great and will eventually be used more than PowerPoint Others believe either Prezi and PowerPoint will both always be used, or that Prezi is going to lose popularity Released an app on Apple's app store that lets you view your presentations Co-Founder, Adam Somlai-Fischer beleived that the layout let people get the big picture of something and when you zoom in, you get more details, much like a road map google.com
http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/prezi-zooms-presentations-forward-with-3d-and-fade-in-animation-1680999.htm Grouping Content
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