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IDT 7061

No description

Clif Mims

on 20 February 2018

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Transcript of IDT 7061

IDT 7061
Instructional Design & Educational Technology
IDT 7062
Teaching, Learning, and Technology
IDT 7063
Models & Innovations of Educational Technology
IDT 7064
Educational Technology & Instructional Development
IDT EdTech Certificate
IDT Memphis
Tech (Badge? Maybe? Perhaps a Tech Genre Badge?)
About Tech Integration; More about ISTE Standards
National EdTech Plan??? http://tech.ed.gov/netp
Additional Tech (Learned productivity tools at beginning)
Perhaps a specific genre of tech? Which tech? TBD
This will be survey. About "use?"
Graded with checklists.
Intro. assistive technologies (Go deeper in other class?). They learn about modifications in ICL classes. We need to expose them to adaptive tech.
Badge?: MORE PZ???
More Thinking Routines
Teaching for Understanding (with Tech)
Cultures of Thinking??? -- NO
Then choose a PZ topic to investigate.
Learning contract
See 7078 project(s) for ex.

Routines - Making Thinking Visible book (Ch. 5-6)
Routines - PZ website and MTVT.org
TfU - Teaching for Understanding with Technology book
CoT - Cultures of Thinking - Making Thinking Visible book (Ch. 7)
CoT - PZ website???
Badge: Lesson Planning
TLW learn lesson planning by earning each "certification." The instruction is IN the badge.
Curriculum Standards, Goals, and Objectives
21st Century Skills: Core Subjects & Themes; Learning & Innovation Skills; Info, Media & Tech Skills; Life & Career Skills
ISTE Standards (Early Ideas about Tech Integration)
Bloom's Taxonomy (HOTS) & Verbs (original, updated?)
Lesson: Intro, Procedures & Activities, Closure
Assessments & Student Work Samples
References: Teach them to acknowledge the work of others that informed their lesson plan (sites, colleagues, professor, etc.)
Making Thinking Visible book (Chapters 1-2)
MTVT Lesson Plan template http://goo.gl/5ELjn1
Modules 4 & 6 http://goo.gl/ZszXZ7
Tracy and Michael's work?
Submit elements via forms. Grade elements in the spreadsheets.
Badge: Visible Thinking: Core Routines
Some of the highlights (Go deeper in 7063 & 7064)
Core Thinking Routines
Evidence of Thinking
Connect with the tech they are learning? Maybe don't require tech as this will be so new.
Now, start including this in their lesson plans.

Making Thinking Visible book (Chapters 3-4)
Use the PZ website.
Badge: Productivity Tools
Start the semester with students completing each productivity tool assignment (level 1 badge) and earning the badge. Similar to http://iptedtec.org/tsa_1.
Word Processing; HyperDocs: http://hyperdocs.co
Sheets and Forms
Concept Maps

Multiple project options for each tool.

These are focused on USE of the tool. Integration will come later.

Grade using checklists. Not focused on content. 80% Mastery.

Students are required to submit and PASS each tool project by its deadline. They should not wait until the deadline for first submission.
Welcome to class, syllabus,
Student information and other tasks

About IDT Certificate in Ed. Tech.

Much of this info. will be same across all classes.
Standards and Objectives
Self-Improvement Plan 1
Reflective Practitioner
Self-Improvement Plan
ISTE*Teachers (is their a way to rate self)
How do you... OR Goals for... - Promoting 21st century skills
Goals for Web 2.0, PLNs, and Social Media (for teacher and/or to promote student learning)
Promoting Visible Thinking and Cultures of Thinking
Goals for short-, mid-, and long-term

Name of Badge?: PD, Self-Improvement, Reflective Practitioner, Guided Learning, Self-Directed PD,
Badge: Learning with Web 2.0
Concept of Web 2.0
Survey of tools
Deeper into HOTS/Bloom's verbs (from 7061)
Deeper into 21st century skills (from 7061)
Lesson plan integrating at least 1 Web 2.0 tool
Represent lesson plan elements learned thus far in 7061 and 7062
Badge: Social Media and PLNs
Tools and Networks
Kick the tires
Tech and Communities of Practice
Digital Organization
Diigo, Pinboards, LiveBinders, ...
Safety, Netiquite, Digital Citizenship
DDL - https://otis.coe.uky.edu/DDL/launch.php
I have admin access to DDL.
Learning with Web 2.0 and Social Media
Teacher (Finding resources, Self-guided PD, ...)
Students (Designing for it to support learning, Idea of a cognitive tool, ...)
Badge: Mobile Learning
Survey mobile devices/equipment/peripherrals
Survey mobile apps
Mobile learning
Lesson plan integrating mobile tech
Self-Directed Self Improvement 2
Reflective Practitioner
Genius Hour/20% project - due here? or at beginning of 7064?
Self-Improvement Plan
Promoting Mobile Learning
Promoting Visible Thinking
Goals for short-, mid-, and long-term
Badge: MTVT
Evidence of Thinking
MTVT = Making Thinking Visible with Technology
Deep dive into this idea.
See 7078 lessons and projects.
See my slides from PZ in San Francisco
Develop MTVT lesson plan. Best plans published on MTVT site.

Making Thinking Visible book OR ???
Models of Learning/Instructional Models
Genius Hour/20% Project (Intro. to topic)
Start developing your project. Due at end of semester.
Connected to Self-Improvement PD 2 badge
Project-Based Learning
Flipped Learning
Develop a ???
Innovations in Learning
Robotics, VR, augmented reality, ...
3D printing
See: https://sites.google.com/site/7078spring2015/module-6/experience
Adaptive Learning (Technology)
Assistive Technology (Different than 7061)
What/How do they "try" these?
What do they "do" for the project?
Standards and Objectives
Standards and Objectives
Standards and Objectives
About badging
Resources: Backpack, etc.
Badges in education
Design, Develop, Create?
Series of professional development workshops
Based on needs assessment
eBook that makes rich use of instructional media
Proposal/RFP/Grant - project must focus on educational technology
Instructional unit
Set of instructional videos
Tech plan
Reflects minimum of 50 hours of effort
Makes effective use of a variety of multimedia
Must include documentation (elements from other classes):
Needs assessment
Curriculum standards, goals, objectives
ISTE Standards
Lesson/Instructional plan and activities
If appropriate: MTVT and student work sample
Learning Contract (Includes timelines and CHECKPOINTS)
About Badges: http://iptedtec.org/what-are-badges
Badging tutorials: http://iptedtec.org/badge-tutorials
And http://education.byu.edu/content/badges
Open Badges: http://openbadges.org/ and http://openbadges.org/earn/

Badge Management Systems
Mozilla Backpack: https://backpack.openbadges.org, Class Badges: http://classbadges.com, Credly: https://credly.com, DigitalMe: http://www.digitalme.co.uk, Degreed: https://degreed.com, Open Badge Factory: https://openbadgefactory.com, CanCred Factory: https://factory.cancred.ca; http://badgeschool.org/

Badge Examples: BYU, BuzzMath
All of BYU's tool badges: http://iptedtec.org/browse
Purdue: http://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/releases/2012/Q3/digital-badges-show-students-skills-along-with-degree.html
Open Badges: http://openbadges.org/participating-issuers

Badge Categories/Groups/Genres/???
Productivity Tools, Lesson Planning, Web Tools, Mobile Learning, Tech/Tech Use/Tech Skills/Tech Toolbox/??, PZ - VT/MTVT, ???

IDT Memphis Backpack/Toolbox/Briefcase/???

This info. will be the same across all courses.
Google Tools

Google Classroom

EdTech Site/Badge Site/Toolbox
If there is a site outside of Gclassroom, then it info./directions/ tutorials go here.

This info. will be the same across all courses.
Google (or Getting Setup)
Getting Started
Checklist/Guide for setting up EVERYTHING for the semester.

General & succinct overviews/tutorials for teachers about things some part-time faculty may not know: setting up and using Gclassroom, link to the student intro to badges, about the edtech certificate, scope & sequence (1-page table/chart) of all the entire certificate (all 4 courses), grading support (checklists and tutorials with accompanying "coaching" as appropriate.

This info. will be the same across all courses.
For Faculty
One you have some of the badge artwork, the scope and sequence at-a-glance (chart/table), and design/organization theme I'd like to get some advertising literature developed (I can get someone else to develop this if needed) to begin advertising for Spring classes. It would be ideal if advertising could begin by Nov. 1.

I will definitely be the one to take care of getting the advertising out there. I just need the artwork and copy from the team, so that this can happen.
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