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My Stem career

No description


on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of My Stem career

Electrical Engineering

why does this career intEREST me ?
I would need a bachelors degree of science in electric engineering. That requires 4 years of college study. Also, I would have to go to technical school during the 4 years. I would have to be able to work with computers and also be good at science and math.
Science is important in electrical engineering because it's part of the process of making technology. So science is probably the most important skills. Engineering is also a important skill. Engineering is important because you have to be good at sharing ideas and also good with design process. Another is technology because you have to be up to date and make technology improved and more advanced.
WHAT DO I NEED TO DO NOW to help reach my goal?
My Stem Career
Mechanical Engineering
By: David Ortiz

Work Cited
Electrical engineering is a job where you make different types of electronics. Some examples are scratch proof game, movie disks, machines for factories, and game consoles .
skills needed

In order to be an Electrical Engineer you have to be good with technology. You have to know how to wire things properly. You need be good in science. Also, you need to be good with communicating and spreading good ideas .
why are those skills important
This job interests me because I would like to make new types of new technology and improve technology . I would also like to make technology that would help people. I would like to bring entertainment to people .
I need to take classes that will help me. Also, I will need to study harder and do all my work. Another thing is, I need to concentrate more in class.
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