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Model of Occupational Functioning

No description

Samantha Wesner

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Model of Occupational Functioning

Model of Occupational Functioning

Goal: Develop a sense of competency and self-esteem
Anything that has meaning and purpose to an individual
Is determined by a hierarchy of intrinsic resources
Occupational Performance
-maintaining the self

First level capacities are reflex-based responses that underlie voluntary movement.
*Individual uses abilities already possessed to accomplish their goal.

Purposeful: Organizes person's behavior, day and life

Meaningful: Performance of activities that an individual sees as important

*Therapy used to bring about changes in impaired occupational performance.

Purposeful: Makes a challenging demand.

Meaningful: Must have meaning and relevance in order to elicit motivation.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Conceptualization of Occupational Performance
Abilities are developed through practice and learning
Tasks are composed of activities (i.e. meal prep is the task whereas cutting the vegetables are the activities).
Developed capacities are refinements through maturation
Life roles dictate the tasks that are needed to engage in the role
These capacities are based on a genetic endowment
Meaningful and Purposeful
Future Discussions
Therapists must be mindful of meaningfulness.

Therapists must continue to discover the meaning of therapeutic occupation.

Trombly, C. A. (1995). Occupation: Purposefulness and meaningfulness as therapeutic occupations. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 49(10), 960-972.
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