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Informational Texts

Standards: E1-2 2.6 2.7

Korriell Whaley

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Informational Texts

Informational Texts What are informational texts? They are materials that you use
to find information about various things. They include reference materials like,
dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, newspapers,
journals, and informational websites on the Internet. Elements of informational texts Alphabetizing use of sections by subject keywords Alphabetizing Words and information are commonly
organized in alphabetical order. When alphabetized, the words are arranged in order
from A to Z! When words in alphabetical order begin with
the same letter, use the second letter of the word to find the word. If the second letter is also the same, use the
third letter and so on. The dictionary, thesarus, encyclopedia list their
topics in alphabetical order. These materials print 2 guidewords
at the top of each page to help guide readers to the information they are looking for Guidewords are the first and
last wirds that are found on that page If the word you are looking for falls alphabetically between therse two words, then it will be on that page. Please complete Practice 1:
Alphabetizing (#1-5) on page
90. Parts of a Book Most books are organized into different
parts to help the reader locate information Title Page:
Shows the title of the book, the author(s),
the edition, the publishing company, and the
place of publication

Details on this page are important when you need
to give credit for information you found in the book.

The copyright page follows the title page, showing the book's
publishing date and copyright restrictions Table of contents:
lists chapters, subheadings, and any
supplemental hadings found in the book,
as well as the page numbers where they
can be found. Appendix:
contains material to provide the reader
with additional information.

The extra stuff in the back of your textbook Glossary:
A dictionary of words found in the book.
It contains all the important terms that were
boldfaced or italicized in each chapter. Index:
Found at the end of a book.
Shows the topics found in the
book as well as the page numbers where
the topics appear in the book.
They are arrange alphabetically. Bibliography:
lists the different titles, authors,
and publishing information for all the references
and resources used to write the book. Types of Resource Materials Dictionary Thesaurus Encyclopedia Magazines & Journals Newspapers Computers & The Internet Graphic Features Tables graphs Line Graphs Bar Graphs Timelines
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